Hand Injuries | hand tissues damaged

Hand injuries often occur when hand tissues damaged by any internal or external factors. There may be a pain in the hand part, bleeding, breakage of bones of the finger takes place.

Causes of hand Injuries

The hand injuries may be due to the following causes:


It is due to cut in hand. It is a very common form of a hand injury.

Fire Gun

A  Hand may be injured due to pallet guns or grease guns of gun powder.


The hand may sometimes burn in some times hot things. Such as hot water.


It is common in fracturing hand. When we jump running fast, bechance we can fell.

It causes serious hand or part of a hand may be broken or injured.

Game actions injuries

Sometimes when we play different games like 

Cricket, Hockey, Football, Skating or skiing we can accidentally be injured.


By driving Bus, Car, Motorcycle, etc.we can fall or hit in someone. This is very dangerous for a man.

Sports and physical activities are also responsible for hand injuries.

Sports activities and physical games or work cause the injuries of the hand. The fighting injures are sometimes simple or sometimes very complicated to the patients. There may be bone breakage takes place or not takes place. The early cure gave better results to the recovery of the wounds. 

Complexities about Hand injuries


It is a common disease in old women’s joints. It is caused when fracture hands bones become porous. Bones become porous. So then the risk of fractures increases. As we aged, some bones are dissolved. So the new bones may be formed.  We can avoid it by changing lifestyle or by using healthy foods. When it occurs there should be proper medication required.

Carpal tunnel Syndrome

It is also called the median nerve compression. It is a condition in which a hand becomes weak. Are cases when there is pressure applied to your hand and median nerve? When nerves become compressed at the hand the carpal tunnel syndrome occurs. The thickness and swelling take places. It is caused due to burning or other things.


It is also called tendonitis. These are flexible tissues. They connect muscles to bones. When bones or muscles are injured, the movement of the finger or hand is difficult. It occurs when there is injuries takes place at one point twice.

The symptoms including are swelling of joints and pain. The Doctor gives better treatment after examine. Medication including rest. Therapy.  Surgery, Ultrasounds and Steroid injections.


It is the most common type of arthritis. There are Millions of peoples affected by it. It occurs when the cartilage of bones ware off. Pains and swellings, stuffiness are common symptoms.

The high-risk factors including Old age, sex, obesity, joints injuries, stressing on joints, Genetics, Bones DE formalities and certain metabolic diseases. Prevention is better than cure. So check to your doctor early possible.

Sign and symptoms of hand injuries

The common signs and symptoms included as:

  1.     Swelling
  2.     Tenderness
  3.     Bruising
  4.     Pain in injury parts
  5.     Inability to move the hand
  6.     Limited hand motion
  7.     Weakness of the hands
  8.     Bleedings etc.

Avoidance of hands injuries:

All the work we can do is due to our hands. So it is necessary to protect hands from injuries. If our hands are out of order we can nothing to do.  So it is necessary to protect the hand from injuries. Today day the  science and technology are more advance to awareness the people from the  safety.

There some suggestions to protecting from hands injuries.

Use gloves to hands.

Wash hands after using chemicals.

Don does not pick up broken glassy things. With this, a hand can be injured.

Do not picks up heavy things.

Use scissors or blades carefully.

While driving put gloves for avoidance injury in case of an accident.

What we can do if hand injured seriously?

  • Control your nervous system
  • Put a strip on the bleeding part to stop the blood.
  • Pick up all the bones and collectively bind
  • Pick of the strip to hand and round to your shoulder
  • Do not move your hand when it injured
  • Assemble bones nicely
  • To assemble stable bones
  • After treatment use nutritious food containing high quality of calcium vitamin D
  • Give up smoking if you are a smoker

Counteract falls

Most of the hand injury takes when falling in front on to outstretched hand.  To hold this regular damages:

  • Put on reasonable footwear
  • Dispose of matter you can stumble over in your private home, for instance, ground coverings
  • Light up your residing area
  • Have your imaginative and prescient checked and, if vital, redressed
  • Installation gets bars on your washroom
  • Install handrails for your stairways
  • Keep away from the elusive surface, if practicable, as an example, snow or ice secured walkways

Finding Location

The commonly broken bones can be visible   but if it not visible   with naked eye use

  X-Ray beams

 The diagnosis

 The common hand injury is visible with naked eyes. It can be diagnosed very easily and comfortably. But the internal hand broken bones are diagnosed with x-rays techniques. This technique is much advance and makes it better for finding too complex injuries or other faults. Such as finger is broken or part of the finger may not visible to naked eyes within under the skin. So it is necessary to cure this internal part of the broken bone of the finger.

It is very pain full action. It can be done very carefully.

If the bones are properly crushed and mixed each other it needs to surgery to the hand the bones may be pins in one proper place carefully. But this can be done by a specialist of bones surgeon.

 When upon arriving in the emergency department we should check the medical evaluation as

Past medical history of the patients either the patients have Diabetes or arthritis or patient is a smoker.

Hand dominance

Occupation of the patients

Mechanism of hand, how is injured?

examine the patient physical conditions

check the location of the injury

examine the body language of patients

check the circulation of blood

examine the muscular and tendon

Bones exams (broken or joints dislocation)


A  Doctor may use x-rays to visualize the broken bones injuries after the physical and history checked by the patients. After this, the diagnosis may be is of the following categories.


Fracture and dislocation

Soft tissues injuries and imputation


It may be a thermal injury.

It may be chemicals injury

It may be an electric injury

It may be cold or frost injury

It may be foreign body injury

It may be a high-pressure injury

Treatment of hand injuries

Home cares are first applied to the injured part of the hand as first aid method.

But in the case of serious injuries, there will require hospitalization. The call on the doctor or ambulance required. Stop the bleeding with cotton or clean cloth by compressing.


These are cuts. They may be simple or complex.

When there s bleeding we should apply the pressure to this area to stop bleedings.

From the wound, we should clean the dirt partials.

We should cover the wounds to stop contaminations.

We should not try to remove the foreign parts like nails etc.

Call your doctor quickly possible.

Cover  the wound if bones  are visible with a clean towel or cloth

Ice may apply to decrease pain but it should never be more than 20 minutes

Cover the injured part with bandages

For the suaveness of injury closes the injured part

In case of thermal injuries cool the injured  part  but  not  use  the  ice

Seek  medical attentions

Clearing  and  removal  of  the  dead   tissues

Use  antibiotics  with  the  help  of  your  doctor

Use  x-rays  to  findings  internal  injuries

Do not  push  the  injured  bones

Stop  bleeding  through  the  injury

Call  your  doctor  as  possible  quickly

Use  proper medicines  with the advice of  your  doctor 

Take  complete  bed  rest  until  recovery

Following  actions  are  necessary  for  injured  hands  recovery

Usage  of  strains  or  sprains

It  is  all  about  of  your  injuries  that  it  is  your  muscles  or  bones  broken


Take complete rest to your hand or injured parts.  It is very good for your recovery of injuries.


Use ice to releasing of swelling and pain. It is used first  24  to  30  minutes. Then remove it for  20  t0  30  minutes.  The ice may use in bags or cloth.

A   METHANOL   GEL  or spray may also be used for coolness to relief pain.

 Now after which,  other imaging tests can deliver your expert extra element. They  may be;

CT  looks at.

If the x-beams miss the bones cracking use the  CT  sweeps to screen wrist cracks. With these wounds are visible to sensitive tissues and veins may be visible on  CT  examines. This innovation takes x-beams and recognizes extremely small crakes and tendons wounds.


It is used radio waves and a floor-breaking magnet to create natty snapshots of bones and delicates tissues, MRIs are noticeable extra sensitive than x-beams and may recognize extremely little cracks and tendon wounds.


Therapy is used when there is thought that the bones are not in its proper place adjusted as it should be, so there may be holes between the bits of bones or elements may be additionally cowl.

Your expert should be managing the pieces of bones into proper places,  a  technique called lower. With swelling you have, you can require a neighborhoods or standard sedative before this technique. Whatever our treatment,  it is very important to move your fingers or hand commonly while the jury is getting better to shield them from solidifying. Get some statistics approximately the most important strategies to transport them. At the off danger which you smoking end. So the smoking should be postponed or keep away from bones mending.


Do not move broken bone or hand. For the improvement of your hand injury, it is very necessary to stable hand at one point.

Proscribing the improvement of a  damaged bone for your wrist is basic to suitable mending.

For doing him we will possible to want a brace and a  cast. We should keep our broken hand above the coronary heart stage but a  while walking. This is much better for recovery of hand.


 Is the recovery of injury of hand medications play a very important role. So proper medication is prescribed by the Doctor or  Physician. Use antibiotic injections, tablets,  bandages, and antiseptics such as iodine to clean the wound. Care your hand and protect it from infections. Take full rest. We use medicines to reduced torment,  your specialist may propose an over-the-counter soreness reliever. This is inside the occasion that your torment is severe,  So you may require a  narcotic medication,  as an instance.

Our Home remedies

Take  full  rest

Regularly move your fingers while it becoming better.

Give up smoking.

Not done heavy work

 Use  food  containing  more  calcium

Do  not  use  salty  things


We  should control pain with commonly prescribed medications .There  are  some  medicines  which  we  can  use  as a remedy for injuries

  1.     Acetaminophens
  2.     Codeine
  3.     Hydrocodone
  4.     Cephalosporin  such  as
  5.     Cefazolin sodium

These are used to remove contamination from the wounds as antibiotics.

Antibiotics Creams:

The antibiotics creams or ointment makes the wounds moist and also can reduce the infection risk. We should apply the layer of cream on the wound to keep moist it.

Also, use bandages to small scrapes or wounds.

The other proper medication including cotton, bandages, clean syringes, ointment creams, straight scales, strings, tapes, oils and other necessary equipment.

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