Editorial policy

For information on health issues and solutions, there is content available on healthhavoc. You should be provided with materials that are trustworthy and have been researched by the research institutes, medical department, or a medical expert.

Our purpose in doing all this or creating healthhavoc is primarily to provide easy access to the information to the people in this world so that if they are stuck in a health problem they can be easily guided. And they can get information from here and go to an expert for its solution.

Because not everyone in this world is a medical expert, but they may have some kind of medical problem. You can get guidance from healthhavoc if you need it.

What do we want to do?

Our goal is to provide simple information for people to solve medical-related problems.

How do we write content on the website?

The process of content written on healthhavoc is, first medical experts, write content and send to our reviewers for medical review and then finally submit to uploading on the website for publishing.

 Fact-checking services

Any material written on healthhavoc will be published after verification from various journals and research institutes to determine whether the material being written is correct or not and content is according to facts.

Where do we get references for our content?

Reference to any content posted on healthhavoc from medical instructions, and journals that are working for medical and health and their Research is authentic and recognized by the world.

This includes government agencies and private agencies working in different countries that are working for human health, as well as websites that have authentic data on people’s health.

Content upgrade process

Our experts continue to update their content, and as new research emerges on any issue, they change or update their content accordingly, so that you can easily get up-to-date information.

Content writing style

We strive to make the content of healthhavoc understandable and easily accessible to anyone in the world. And the written material will be very well understood.

 Global policing

Everything that is posted on our website is in accordance with the Global Policies, that is, nothing is posted from which is against, any institution, a research institution, cause harm to anyone, only information is given here so that people can benefit from it and contact an expert to take up the issue.

If you have any concerns about the content please leave a comment, and you can contact us.