Nerve damage | injury of nerve tissue by cutting or pressure

Nerve damage is the condition in which damage of nerve tissue by cutting or Pressure. It is a very pain full condition and it could be a loss of sensation.

Types of nerve damage

  •             Neurapraxia
  •             Axonotmesis
  •             Neurotmesis


A syndrome of the peripheral nervous system. Due to the obstruction of the nervous system’s short-term loss of motor and sensory function.

When you feel quick pain in your arms, legs, stop the activity you are doing. You feel weakness due to sudden pain in your arms legs and any other part in your body. 


Is Damage to the peripheral nerve one of the limits of the body. The axons and their myelin sheath are destroyed in this type of damage. This type of nerve damage is a criticality occurs in crush injuries. It displaces bone fracture. It disrupts the nerve cell axon. When the surrounding connectivity issue remains intact then the axon is damaged.                                      


Damage in which the nerve is separated. It is the gravest nerve damage in the arrangement. In this type of damage, both the nerve and nerve sheath are disturbed.

Causes nerve damage

The main cause of nerve damage is pressure tension by accidents. 

In most trauma conditions, it occurs almost immediately. In the condition of peripheral nerve damage axon damaged and in condition insulation are damage. 

These injuries may be severe or mild. In some conditions damage, both fiber and insulation are damaged. Treatment of this type of damage is so difficult or complex for recovery or treatment. When drugs are caused by nerve-damaged then changing medications. Physical therapy or surgery to address compression or trauma to nerves.

Nerve damage Symptoms                                                                                                           

Pressing or stretching on a nerve can cause damage. The nerve also is damaged as a result of some health issues such as tunnel syndrome. Pressure on the median nerve in the wrist causes damaged. The nerve may be crushed or damaged in an accident the two main reasons such as sports Damage or car crash. And other peripheral nerve injuries may be mild or severe.

Neurotmesisit Is the type of damage in which axon or endometrial loss? It is the most severe Damage. In this type complete crush of nerve. Axon, Schwann cell, and endometrial tubes are disturbed. Physiological changes of nerve Damage Wallisian Degeneration occurs in the distal stump. 

The axon will degenerate the next synapse, degeneration not travel to the next neuron. Macrophages disappear from the degenerated axon. Schwann cells and the Endometrial help in regeneration.  The proximal stump will be responsible for the regeneration. Migration of the nucleus to the periphery with increase soma or cell body in size. 

The cell body enlarges in size of approximately 20 days and enlarges in size at the time of regeneration. During the process of Atrophy, muscle is seen. At some time when the regenerated axon failed to complete its process then it will form a neuronal.

Regeneration process of nerve damage

An electrical stimulator helps to recover muscles severely from injured. This type of medical care is not difficult for the patient

Physical and occupational therapy is also a technique that involves a specific type of movement or Exercise.

Exercise is necessary for human health and necessary for the nerve damage recovery process.

The best vitamin for nerve damage 

Vitamins B is useful in neuropathy but sometimes peripheral neuropathy reason for the shortage of Vitamins B. Supplementation involves B-1 B-6 and B-12. Change medicines when it is the reason for more loss of nerve. Water is most helpful in recovery because it short-term warm blood so no pain this time  Food also plays an important role but a good diet is necessary during injuries vitamins B-1 B-6 B-12 include diet regularly. These vitamins can be available in

  •         Complete grains
  •         Rice
  •         Wheat
  •         Milk
  •         Vegetables
  •         Milk

How to recover from nerve damage

There are a variety of   ways a person can relieve the pain

  •         Medicines
  •         Extra rest or sleep
  •         Change of attitude
  •         Massage or Somatic therapy
  •         Uplift the legs


  •         The best prevention is careful attention to body alignment.
  •         Surgery is necessary at the early stage for the fast recovery of the patient.
  •         Patients get medical care immediately.
  •         Peripheral closely link our brain or spinal cord so difficulties are more.

The complication of nerve damage

Peripheral nerve easily shows compilation or destruction. 

  •         Metabolic or Collagen diseases.
  •         Malignancy Endo or Exon toxins
  •         Ischemia Radiation
  •         Infection
  •         Leprosy
  •         Trauma
  •         Epineurium

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