What are risk factors and home therapies of sciatic nerve injury

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Cutting, pressure, stretching or damage of sciatic nerve is occurred that can lead to sciatic nerve injury. It is a very painful situation and whole leg, or the part of lower limb can loss sensation or severe pain and burning sensation can occurred.

The risk factor of Sciatic nerve injury


Age-associated shift inside the vertebrae like herniated hard disks and bone spurs, are the leading source of sciatica nerve injury.


Jobs that require taking hefty weights for lengthy days 


It anybody live a life that can cause burden on lower back and spinal area can cause this disorder.

Disease and disorder

Certain type of disease like diabetes can also a risk factor for this disorder. High blood glucose raises your turn of nerve damage.


Injury in lower back area can cause this disorder


During surgery process nerve can damage that leads to Sciatic nerve injury. [1]Risk Factors for Nerve Injury After Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Case-Control Study (arthroplastyjournal.org)

Home therapy choices for sciatic pain

Several Frequently Recommended at-home therapies are below.

  • You can acquire ice bags or perhaps use a bundle of freezing potatoes. Cover the icebox or chilled carrots through a cloth and utilize it to the disturbed region for 20 minutes per day. 
  • Heat treatment is also an option for relief in sciatic nerve pain. For this purpose water heating pads or warm cloth and towel can be used on back area.
  • Starching the legs can also give comfort in the pain due to nerve pain in legs
  • Psychological therapies can also add some favor to the patients. [2]5 Sciatica Remedies for Low Back and Leg Pain (spineuniverse.com) [3]905080238511046.pdf (lumc.nl)

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