Management and treatment of marginal nerve damage

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Marginal nerve damage is condition by which facial nerve may be damage and the facial area can stop working. This can occur due to physical injuries as well as at the time of surgical process. [1]

Management of marginal nerve damage

The most common way to prevent peripheral nerve injury

Submental deoxycholic acid treatment

Deoxycholic acid can be used for the treatment of marginal nerve damage [2]Lasting marginal mandibular nerve injury following submental deoxycholic acid treatment – ScienceDirect

Make  health  diet

  • Diet fruitswhole grains, lean, and vegetables to make nerves healthy to overcome against vitamin 

Exercise Regularly

We exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes to one hour

Avoid factors that may cause a nerve damage

These include toxic chemicals, repetitive motions, smoking etc.

Treatment for peripheral nerve damage

Non operative therapy

The patient along with nerve injury, the therapy involves the joints protection and patients’ education, these includes tendons and the surrounding ligaments or sometime may be both are used for protection of joints for the function of the augments.

Surgical therapy

Surgical therapy may be occurred according to need or according to conditions of the patient.

Doing an EMG test specifically can be done to detecting the injury. And after that surgical procedure can done for repairing of damage part.

You may not need surgical repair if your nerve heals properly. The area affected may require to respite till it is cured.

Nerves make progress to heal gradually, and maximum rescue may proceed to quite a few months or years to complete.

You will want to steady check-ups to confirm that your rescue remains to its complete prospective.

If you have another medicinal ailment causing your disorder, your medic will give the basic circumstance.

You may want to medicines as per direction of your doctor. [4]Marginal mandibular nerve — a wandering enigma and ways to tackle it | The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology | Full Text ( [5]Paralysis of the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve: treatment options – ScienceDirect

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