Parents words are very precious: Take them serious

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Dr. Saqib Mueed

My father taught me to drive. His personality is such that he keeps on understanding, keeps on talking, and behaves as he is not, that is, he keeps everything in a routine that does not make sense.

Keep things straight and don’t make things so much harder. On the contrary, we the children consider themselves to be a wise man/woman and a great intellectual and is lecturing to parents in many places that this is not happening.

Then an incident happened after which as if the door of the brain was opened. I was learning to drive. Dad was sitting next to me. I taken gear the car. It felt wrong. I was shocked. Dad was silent.

He turned the car on again and drove away. So after a while he said and said if you don’t gear the car of life properly then you will continue to bend and similarly if you keep doing wrong then life will stop.

And even beyond that, you have to put the car of your life on its own and drive yourself well. The words were so lively that I never made a mistake again. On the other hand, I have come to realize very well that whatever you have to do on your own, you will be upset if you expect others to do it.

The above statement means that the new generation, parents do not understand the command. Media and information are too much but information can never compete with practical life. What our parents have learned is practical and we have to learn it.

Take your parents’ words very seriously. When you start taking them seriously, you will feel a different kind of feeling inside you, that is, the closed doors of your mind will open. It all happens in a second. 

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Dr. Iqra Chaudhary


Medical Officer, Red crescent hospital, Sargodha

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