Is mothers lifestyle is factor of congenital disorders occurrence?

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What are Congenital Disorders?

Disorders that occur in the development of newborns are called Congenital Disorders. Such disorders are caused by a DNA defect or some other physical factors.

This DNA defect can be passed on from generation to generation. In other words, we can say that if the child is born with that type of disorder, he can pass this disorder on to the next generation, his children will also be suffering from this particular disease in which he is himself.

On the other hand, one of the reasons may be that the parents were normal, that is, there was no such defect in their DNA, but during the development of the child, one of the reasons, such as the mother’s use of certain chemicals that There was a risk of DNA damage or the use of drugs that damage DNA, or similarly, during normal development, an error occurs in the cells by itself, which impairs the child’s development and The baby is born abnormal.

Reproductive cells and Congenital Disorder

If these disorders occur due to defects in the DNA of sex cells i.e., sperms or eggs, and the baby born from it will be abnormal. And because of this, if this disorder occurs, it is almost impossible to cure and it will continue from generation to generation.

Mothers are responsible for congenital disorders in babies

Research shows that the number of such disorders is increasing day by day. There are various reasons why babies are born abnormally. The following are some of the reasons.

The biggest and most important reason for the spread of these disorders is that baby-bearing mothers are not taking care of their health the way they should.

The growth of a baby requires a special kind of environment when it is in the mother’s womb.

Oxygen for the baby as well as feeding for it, its complete blood circulation, the movement of the baby, all this is due to the mother.

The management of the baby’s diet is primarily linked to the mother’s diet. Now if the mother uses such a diet, it will soon influence the baby as well. The current lifestyle is not particularly suitable for newborns.

It is very important for the mother to use a balanced diet as well as complete exercise and stay away from worries.

But in this modern age, almost every woman has become comfortable and the use of food, especially fast food, has become very high, which leads to various problems within pregnant women. Doing so can also be a precursor to a problem for the baby.

This can be explained by the fact that if a female that is pregnant will consume a diet or a nutrient that will upset the balance of hormones, which will have a direct effect on the baby.

As far as the use of chemicals is concerned, a special place in any medicine is given to women who are pregnant. Whether or not a pregnant woman can use this medicine, if so, to what extent. It is written there because it can have a direct effect on the baby and the baby can be born abnormal.

Don’t exercise moms

One of the reasons for the genetic problems in children and the problems that can occur during their development is that the proteins or factors that are essential during the development of babies are also found to be less or not found.

As the baby desperately needs oxygen to keep the normal body metabolism running, but if there is a lack of oxygen, then the oxygen-related metabolism also deteriorates, which will come to the fore in the case of an abnormal baby in the coming days.

It is very important for mothers to exercise properly so that the circulation of oxygen is complete.

Mental, stress, anxiety, and discomfort in moms

As time goes on, every person suffers from mental distress, whether it is a financial problem, human behavior, lack of basic needs, or lack of mental harmony.

Mothers are mostly mentally disturbed. Suffering is happening mostly in countries where finance is the biggest problem and people are putting their energy into seeking even their basic needs.

In a situation where a mother is in a state of anxiety all the time, chemicals will be produced inside her which will help her to survive, but over time, this will happen.

It can also be harmful when the mother is pregnant and has a baby in her womb. And it affects the metabolic processes that take place inside it and brings it to the fore in the case of an abnormal baby.

Modern-day physical factors and congenital disorder

There are many man-made factors on this planet such as air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, radiation, etc. There are also issues that directly affect the baby growing in the mother’s womb. Are. And sometimes they lead to big problems

How can mothers reduce congenital disorders?

The mother who is holding the baby in her womb should spend her time very carefully.

  • Proper diet should be kept away from proper climate and worries.
  • Use foods that are good for both mother and baby and stay on a natural diet.
  • Proper exercise is also very important for the health of the baby.
  • Mothers should not go out in the sun on occasions that cause genetic problems in their babies, such as radiation that is too much at the time of the eclipse.
  • Similarly, the use of chemicals, extra use of medicines, pesticides treated vegetables and fruits, indoors aerosol sprays reduced to the minimum so that the chances of having abnormal babies at birth are greatly reduced.

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