A story of Cactus – Beautiful message for everyone

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There is a lesson for those who understand, that this cactus flower has a great story in it.
One of my students is working as a lecturer in a government college. After the holidays, the college was cleaned and all the garbage was thrown out. There were some pots in it which were sitting after the plants died.

story of cactus 1
story of cactus

They also had one of the pots with a Cactus plant in it that was about to die.
My student said that I want to save this plant so she asked the principal of the college to save the cactus inside. However, you scraped the rest of the pots but leave this one.

In response, the principal said that there is no need for such a scrub at all in our college, so this sore and dying cactus plant was also thrown in the dustbin.

story of cactus 2
story of cactus

My student secretly picked up the cactus pot from the trash can and brought it home.

She clean the pottery and began to take care of this Cactus.
My student would look at the pot every day and if the plant needed water, she would give it water and fertilize it.
In a few days, as soon as the cadets came to life, the plant became green and from weak to healthy.
And today it’s time for a beautiful flower to come over and smile and thank.
If we go deeper into this story, we find that those who are weak can smile like flowers if they get a little support.

story of cactus 2
story of cactus

In other words, my student did not spend so much time and effort on it, but she saved a weak plant.

Similarly, we cannot spend so much time and money on those who are weak because they are already weak.

If it seems to be thrown in the bin, do not let it be thrown away and if it is thrown away, pick it up and give it some support.

My point is to support humans by giving the example of the cactus plant.
Support the weak as much as possible so that they too can smile like this cactus flower is smiling.

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