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Children are loved by everyone, and this is the hope of parents and is the source of DNA transfer to the next generation. Children’s innocent acts, and talks, and sweet jokes captivate the heart, but it can only be taken here when the children are healthy and do not suffer from any kind of physical or mental defect.

If children are children then they can’t be as careful as they can be. Nature has commissioned parents to protect their children. But sometimes due to the negligence of the parents, the children suffer from various problems which can be a prelude to great loss in the future.

Keeping children healthy is essentially keeping parents healthy. How can an example be given that if children get sick or have a problem, and the parents will not automatically in case of distress?

It also happens that the parents are doing well on their own but it is not good for the health of the children. That’s because each person has their own metabolic system and they adjust accordingly. We cannot say that if one thing is good to someone, then it is necessary that the same thing be good to another person.

The same thing applies to children. The digestive system of young children is such that one child may have something to eat and drink, and digest but another child may not.

In such a situation, parents should take very thoughtful steps to keep their children healthy and strong.

Problems of infants

Very small children, i.e., infants, their biggest problem is that they are not digesting food. the child is sick, the child is crying all the time, the child is not paying attention to the child’s play. Problems such as being lazy all the time are faced by parents.

Different places use different treatments and tips to keep their children healthy and get rid of the ones mentioned above.

Similarly, children who are a little older, that is, those who are able to eat, are more likely to eat mud, have poor growth, anemia, and paleness, irritability all the time, and avoid playing games like other children.

And sometimes children get so sick that their chances of survival are slim.

Below are some solutions to what parents should do in such situations.

Focus on baby food

First of all, it is important to know what is good for the child and what is not.

It has been observed that some small children do not drink their mother’s milk and if they do, they get stomach ailments. That is, their digestive system is not able to digest breast milk. What to do in such a situation because there is no substitute for breast milk.

Find out the reason why the baby is not able to digest milk

Breast milk should be tested

The milk should be tested to find out which ingredients are in the milk in large quantities and which ingredients are beneficial or harmful to the baby. If it contains ingredients that are not good for the baby’s digestive system, the mother should follow the doctor’s instructions to solve the problem.

Keep the breastfeeding area clean

It is important for me to keep the place of breastfeeding clean because if the hygiene is not maintained properly, the germs along with the milk from the breastfeeding place can also enter the baby’s stomach and cause the baby to get sick. It can occur mostly in children who have a weakened immune system.

Mom pays attention to her diet

The mother should stop using things that will become in her milk, which is not good for the baby’s immune system. For example, mothers who eat protein-rich foods, as well as fast food, may have problems with the baby’s digestive system when breastfeeding.

In the same way, it should be mentioned in the diet of the child that as the children get older, they should be given food according to their digestive system.

The most important of these are fruits. Likewise, today’s oatmeal and soft foods that are easily digested should be given to the child over time. And where something is seen to be an obstacle to the child’s digestion, it should be stopped.

Children’s health

In terms of children’s health, mothers should pay special attention to the health of their children, because if the child becomes ill, life will be difficult for the mother as well.

This can be easily done in infants by finding the cause of the child’s illness as described above and then finding a solution. The biggest problem is that as children get older, they start eating mud. The reason is as follows

Eating children’s mud

As children get older, they start eating mud

 As soon as they eat the soil, their digestive system also deteriorates because the germs present in the soil go away from the child which causes trouble.

Now the question arises as to why children eat mud?

The basic answer is that as children get older, their physical needs increase. The body’s need for calcium and phosphorus for bones and muscles increases. But these chemicals are not found in the food in such a quantity that the children start eating mud etc.

So a good and easy solution is to use a diet that is high in calcium. Babies should also be given breast milk as well as a soft diet rich in calcium.

When children give up eating earth dust, dangerous germs will not enter their body and children will stay healthy, and the chances of getting sick will be reduced.

Child sleep

Child sleep is also an important factor for his growth and for a healthy life. proper sleep cycle should be maintained, and proper time should be given to the child for his sleep.

Child’s play and exercise

As children get older, it is important to keep them engaged in sports so that their limbs function properly and grow well.

A muddy place, a sandy place and a grassy place where the child has the least chance of getting injured should be left open so that he can run on it and not be harmed if he falls.

Try not to let children play on paved and paved areas as it may increase their chances of getting hurt.

In the same way, the duration of play should be extended overtime to keep the limbs healthy for the children.

Parents give time to children

Whether the children are young or old, giving parents time to their children is good in their overall life. That is, children learn from their parents. Consider nature safe, which is the secret to their growth and healthy living.

It has been observed that parents who do not give time to their children, that is, those who are engaged in these second life activities, their children are not so good in terms of attitudes.

Children suffer from depression, cannot digest food well, do not pay attention to sports, and wait for their mother all day.

In such a situation children may also suffer from major behavioral problems in the future.

Children are no less than a blessing. Their food, their clothing, their health and especially giving time to their children. Parents should pay close attention to all these things so that their children can stay healthy and strong.

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