Increasing breast cancer cases and possible solutions

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In recent decades, breast cancer problems within women have become increasingly alarming. If this continues, it will intensify in the next few decades.

Women are an important part of this society. Can we say that there can be no society without women, but the problems faced by women rarely come to the fore?

What is breast cancer?

It is abnormal cell division in the breast of a female.

Where is breast cancer discussion considering awkward?

This is especially the case in countries where society is stifled and restrictions are high, and even medical problems are hard to come by.

It is also a sin in some societies to describe problems that are related to reproduction or to the secret organs of the body.

Some people associate it with religion, but this is not true. No religion in the world, at least in terms of health, does not restrict the place, nor does it have any category for men or women that men have more rights than women. Have equal rights in matters of health.

But in some societies of the world, it is considered very offensive for a woman to show her secret organs, even if it is related to health. One of these problems is breast cancer.

Breast cancer problems are more common in tropical, sub-tropical regions and countries near the equator. But it’s not just in the said area breast cancer cases are growing all over the world.

Reasons we consider for breast cancer

Use of medicine

A variety of chemicals are used to treat a disease, which can have side effects that can lead to cancer. Some chemicals act as antagonists of women’s hormones and bring serious problems for women in the days to come.

Use side and pesticide and insecticides

 It has been observed that in countries where the use of pesticides and insecticides is high for fruits and vegetables and for crops, such cases are being reported more, so it can be estimated that these chemicals are somehow linked to breast cancer.

Use of reduced undergarments

The fashion industry and glamor have created a strange kind of feminine attitude that makes their breasts an element of their beauty. As a result, she uses undergarments to highlight her genitals, which can cause the breasts to contract or harden, which can lead to impaired blood circulation and poor metabolism. Finds and may have breast cancer in the coming days.

Black undergarments

When you look at the fact that these problems are most prevalent in countries where the amount of sunlight or ultraviolet rays are high, there are women who use black garments more often Chances are higher because these undergarments are able to absorb more sunlight.

Different societies of world and Breast Cancer

In the western world, it is considered breast cancer is a normal disorder and if someone has these problems, there is no judging factor for it and people take it as a routine and treat it.

But it is not found in many countries of world. And if someone gets breast cancer, they go to the fourth and fifth stage, when it is impossible to come back, and then they start talking about it, and then time passes, and they have to cut the breast.

In such societies, it is considered very bad that a woman’s body parts should not be touched by another woman or especially a man, even if he is a doctor.

Some people associate it with their religion because it is forbidden in religion, so we will not allow it, but it is not at all. all the religions give priorities to patients and  

Is it just a social stigma or are social behaviors that have been created in human beings who have been oppressed for centuries in such a way that they are afraid that by doing so our women will be abused. That is, no one should misuse body parts after showing them.

It is a thought that must change. the world has changed a lot with the advent of such media and social media. The tyrant does not remain hidden.

On the other hand, it is extremely wrong to leave it with direct religion. All religions of the world give the same rights to the patient.

The patient is a patient and medicine and medical facilities should be available for him/her. Where did religion come from?

Mothers behavior in some societies and breast cancer

How come some mothers in the Middle East and the and East, and African mother avoid discussing breast cancer in their daughters, but they do not deliberately bring out the fact that it would be shameful to do so. And it’s not fair to talk to your men.

Maybe the mother does this because her young daughter will not have a relationship tomorrow and she will remain a virgin and there will be no husband for her due to breast cancer, so the mother tries to remain hidden these issues.

Because as soon as other women in society find out about this, people will start hating this girl with breast cancer and her life will end.

Now the parents think that our life is about to end, so who will inherit our daughter, if she stays open, she will be insecure and if her breast cancer problem is brought to the fore, then someone will adopt her? This is a big question. Fear is always present in the minds of parents.

Who will inherit the baby? If it is left open, it will be insecure and if the problem of breast cancer is brought to the fore, no one will adopt it. They keep this thing hidden.

 But the problem is the problem, it must be solved

Solution for breast cancer 

Incorporated breast cancer topics into the school curriculum

Breast cancer should be included in the curriculum in such a way that when girls are growing up and in the class in which they are studying, it should be included in the curriculum so that if there are such problems, it should not be hidden and Explain openly so that children’s minds are formed from the beginning.

Awareness Program

Parents, especially mothers, should be made aware that such problems can be cured and should not be hidden.

Medical Checkup of girls

Medical examinations of girls should be done before the board examination in which their problems such as breast cancer should be detected and this thing should be implemented in these countries with legislation at the government level.

The role of the United Nations

The United Nations should pay more attention to the countries where these problems, i.e. breast cancer, are more prevalent and urge those countries to enact some legislation.

The role of the media

The media should play its role whether it is social media or electronic media.

Owners of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media who have influenced all over the world have been taking steps to address such issues from time to time on their websites.

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