How to manage emotions and thoughts in a positive way

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It is very interesting, and everyone has thought that can I control my thought and feeling in batter way. the answer is yes you can. Following some suggestions by which you can adjust your feelings and thinking positively.

1. Avoid Bad thoughts

 When we focus on how we think about our thoughts, and especially about the thoughts that are bad, evil means thinking that is not right in the eyes of society or harms you. How can they be prevented?

 So the simplest and easiest solution is to let whatever thought comes to you, don’t let it come, but you should stop yourself once your thought comes and repeat it.

Contemplate this notion as you interact with others. If this is not the case then maybe this is a bad idea for you. Don’t come

 By doing this, it is written in your mind that some of the things that you were forbidding are not right, then your mind will not allow you to think of such things again.

2. Find the flaws in you

Start thinking and then see where you make a mistake, that is, you are making a mistake somewhere, that’s why people criticize you or somehow you. Does it mean that your brain understands the thing and is doing it, that is, it thinks it is doing something but it is not right for you?

If your brain is not working properly then the solution is to give yourself some time and find out what is wrong with you that is causing your brain to not think normally.

There are eyes, that is, you look at this thing in detail and consider what caused it to happen. Has done it has done yes you will get an answer you repeat it by saying words by this you will get a direction and for your next time your mind will be able to do it, Will not think such things, the reason the brain is very sensitive and easily adopted the things that are favorable for you.

3. Go to the oxygen-rich area

Scientific research has shown that your brain needs direct glucose and a lot of oxygen so that it can function properly if you are living in a place where there is a lack of oxygen.

If you live in a place where your brain will not be able to function properly, then you will feel that your whole body will be affected and not function well.  If the brain does not get the basic things like oxygen and proper glucose etc. then it does not work properly. If you go to the area where rich oxygen is present i.e, countryside, rich green area for recreation you will get a lot of oxygen there. After doing this you will make your brain work better.

4. Give space to other people

Man is basically a social animal. Living with them has many advantages. They can help each other, they can protect each other, they can tell each other about their problems. But where there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages.

The first thing is that in the society where you live, there may be some people who are not financially good, as well as those who are weak or in society. If there is no big place or if there are people who need your help, then you have given them a place too. Are given space and guide.

Doing this will have a positive effect on your mind and you will feel a good change inside you and you will feel relaxed because when your mind is relaxed, go with it to your body. Will.

5. Just think positive

Think positively as you can. Whenever we are faced with an issue, we can think of two ways, one way that you can solve it and the other way that it will get worse. Turn your mind to the solution of the problem, i.e., you have a problem in front of you. Find the positive points in it and then command your brain that it has to be solved in a positive way.

If someone is harmed or is equal to the society, then it can be a prelude to the problem, then you should explain to your mind in such a way that you should not allow anything to happen that would cause such things to happen. Can only be with positive thinking. After doing this it creates positive feelings and your brain will be adapted in a good way.

6. Don’t oppress anyone

When we humans are together, our brain basically helps us to adjust to the society or the environment in which we live, that is, there may be other human beings who may want to live in the same society. Or you are going to live in a place where it is normal, so you will try not to abuse anyone, that is, not to abuse anyone with your hand.

And if this happens to you, your brain is distracted by the fact that you have abused someone, whether intentionally or unintentionally. It will be interesting to see if something has happened to you that should not have happened. This will continue to be a problem for many days.

Or if something has happened to you that shouldn’t have happened, but your brain will put a lot of effort into resolving the reaction that will come from the front, then it’s better, isn’t it? Don’t do things that hurt others so that your own mind is very calm and at ease.

7. Keep doing work in the pressure

Even if there is any pressure on you, you should continue your work, i.e., you have a station with you in which you are in a state of tension, so you should do whatever you can to get out of the station.

At the same time, continue with your routine, which means that if you try to ignore that pressure. But if you will think only of pressure, and your brain will notice that the pressure is so high after a while. So, indulge your brain intentionally in other works in your pressure and tension state. It will lead to ease for you.

In other words, if you have a problem, if there is pressure on you, then you will leave other work and start thinking only about it, then your mind will think only about it and when it is not solved, you have to work on the other side to reduce it

8. Stop criticizing people

One of the things you must do is stop criticizing people because when you criticize someone, they will criticize you now. Now when people criticize you it may be not that you have something. No matter what people are saying, it will hurt you.

Your mind will think that I am not like that, but people are thinking that for me. Many of you are trying to clear this thing. basically, you are adjusting your own mantle state, so it is better not to criticize people so that they do not criticize you negatively in front of you and other people.

When you are not like that when you have never talked to someone like that, then people from the front will at least talk to you about something that may be offensive to you, then your mind will go this way. Not the thing that will lead to the thought of adjusting to the criticism and the brain will remain relaxed.

9. Think of a day to do good

You start your day very well and do it well. When you leave home for work thinking that I have to do at least one good job along with your work to benefit someone else and this It will be a job that you will not take any money from and you will benefit people.

When you think like that, your mind will start looking for such a situation that your mind is busy looking for the person you helped, and your brain will not be free at all. Make it a routine. When you go out in the morning, you will go out thinking that today I did. There is something good to be done for others.

It will have two benefits for you, one is that you will be busy the whole day and will be positive, and the other is that when you help or benefit someone, some chemicals will come out of your brain that relaxes you and similarly your body will also relax and your blood pressure and your body will feel great for it. And it gives a positive feeling to your behavior.[1]

10. Always smile at others

Make it a habit to smile when you see other people. When you smile at them, they will smile at you too, which will give you a great and positive feeling. After seeing the smile, your brain gets signals. a very good and significant effect on your body’s metabolism. You feel relaxed and try to be close to that person. Go and smile when you see it and increase the interaction. A smile plays a big role in human socialization.

This is the main thing that brings you closer to others. When you get close to others, you will be able to solve their problems or you will be able to present your problems to them and take a good decision. Afterward, you will feel very relaxed and its effect on your body will also be obvious.

11. Be very clean

Your body, your living space, and your thoughts should be very clean. There should be nothing in it. When you live in a place where there is no good hygiene. There are two or three reasons why your brain goes to a strange state.

The first is that you will get sick when you are living in a place that is not clean. If not clean, the pathogens there will attack your body and try to make you sick and your body will try to fix it and your brain will be controlling it all. Your brain will basically be healing the body and will not be free and relaxed.

Similarly, another reason that is in front of you is that there is an unpleasant odor in the place where you have been living, so it affects your brain the most, then your behavior goes away.

Try to keep yourself clean and also keep the place where you live clean. It has a very positive effect on your brain. [2]

Go to bed early and get up early

If you try to go to bed early and wake up early in the morning, you will get fresh oxygen which is very important for your body’s metabolism. It is very important for the health of your brain. And make you emotionally strong.


If you think you want to be very happy and very satisfied, then you try to keep your mind happy and satisfied. All this can be possible with the above-mentioned things. Try it and you will see positive results.

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