What are symptoms and preventions of Chagoma

Chagoma is an inflammatory satellite lesion or nodule at the biting area of kissing bug or triatomine that convey Chagas disease. Chagoma  term  is  related  with  Chagas  disease , conjunctiva , inoculum etc. The Trypanosoma protozoan that causes Chagas disease is sent through conjunctiva. chagoma is also called a Romana sign. The Romana sign is related to the ipsilateral region. chagoma or inflammatory lesions take place after the entry of parasites in acute Chagas disease. chagoma has a mono-nuclear cell meaning one nucleus cell.  That disease is a chronic disease.


The symptoms of that disease is like fever, Headache Heart failure, decrease the numbers off ganglion cells, Damage the central nervous system, Inflammation along with soreness at  infection  skin  place  known  as  chagoma , Membrane  impulsive , Swollen  lymph  nodes ,  Fatigue ,  Nausea , Vomiting , along with  Diarrhea , and   Abdominal  discomfort  or  pain , and  the  esophagus  is  also  affected


The treatment of Chagas disease occurs by killing the  parasites. In the acute condition of Chagas disease, the prescription medication benznidazole   and   nifurtimox   is   essential   for   that disease   can be occurred by   observation   of   parasites   in the   blood smear   by examination   of microscopic   testing. We can test specific   anti – bodies.

Caution: All types of treatments should be after consultation of your health care or your doctor


We can prevent that disease by eliminating kissing bugs and eluding their biting.

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