Do not cry and replaced the fate with hard work

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Dr. Saqib Mueed

People who associate their failures with luck should understand whether their luck is bad or not. Are held responsible for fate.
People who take a loss in a business or do not succeed in a relationship or are not so good in social life and start thinking that I am unlucky.

So much thinking will make you even worse. How many billions of people are there in this world? Are you the one whose fate is bad?

You changed your destiny with hard work because whatever you do, you will be rewarded. If you work hard, what do you think? You will not be rewarded. If you think like that, you think wrong. Depends on the balance itself.

That is to say, the whole universe is running on balance, so if we talk with the same formula in mind, then we know that the lower is necessary everywhere and this is the basic point that is meant to be understood.

Do not do anything and say that my luck is bad. This is a foolish thing.
if you start a business or want to do something, then you start it by thinking of something good for it and keep working on it. If you continue to work hard, you will continue to work hard and after a while, you will get the results.

Because it can’t be that you work hard and work doesn’t pay off.
Change your destiny with good hope and keep working.

In the same way, in dealing with people and in relationships and attitudes, you make wise decisions and do good to others. After a while, you will feel that you are lucky.

Because all the people who have succeeded in this world and there are great people to whom we say that they are lucky, they too must have made decisions at one time and then worked hard and worked hard and today, we say that their luck is very good.

Change your thinking. Your luck is not bad at all.

Reviewed by:

Dr. Iqra Chaudhary

MBBS, RMP, MSc Psychology

Medical Officer, Red crescent hospital, Sargodha

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