Trichomoniasis | Trichomonas vaginallis

Trichomoniasis is a serious disease that is caused by the parasites,Trichomonas vaginallis. Therefore this disease is called the trichomoniasis. When someone is infected by this disease. therefore about less than 70% of women and men do not show the symptoms. When the symptoms have appeared the disease typically begins to5 to 28 days after exposure.

Trichomoniasis can also increase the risk of getting the HIV virus and also caused Aids.

It is also caused by complications during pregnancy in the is a serious disease that is caused by some special type of parasite.


The specialty of the trichomoniasis is Gynecology

Usual onset

The 5 to 28 days after the exposure

Causes of Trichomoniasis

Trichomonas vaginalis (typically it is transmitted by sexual contact)

Diagnostic Method

Finding the parasite in the vaginal fluid, also find the microbial culture, Testing of the DNA parasite.


Not having sex with any homosexual,using the condoms, not the douching.


Use the antibiotics, Metronidazole


The spreading frequency of trichomoniasis was 122 million in 2015.

Trichomoniasis is mostly transmitted by sexual infection. This is mostly spread by the vaginal, oral, and also through the anal sex. It is also caused by genital is spread by the person that is infected may spread through the disease when the symptoms of the disease are not present.

There are many types of diagnoses. Mostly it is diagnosed by finding the parasite in the vaginal fluids and the vagina using the microscope, culturing in the vagina is transmitted. If present other sexually transmitted infections should be tested for. Methods of prevention include many precautions .some of these are given below.

Not having the sex with gair Muharram, avoid douching and the main prevention is that tested of stis before being closer to the wife. Trichomoniasis can be cured by the many antibiotics that are easily available at any country.20% of the total people get by this disease within the three months.

There are about more than 122 million people were affected by this disease in 2015. About two million women were affected in the united states.these two million were the women. It is affected by the female than the man. Alfred Donne was the first who discovered the disease of trichomoniasis in 1836. This parasite caused the disease the first time discovered in 1916.

Sign and symptoms of the Trichomoniasis

Mostly this disease attacked the people more silently and the symptoms appear when this disease id affects the patient more than 25%. Symptoms that are experienced include the pain, burning in the penis, it is also caused the is discomfort for both sexes during the sex and the women the symptoms of this disease is more clear and effective.

  •   Yellow-green
  •   Itchy
  •   Froty
  •   Foul-smelling
  •   Easy veginal discharge
  •   In some cases, the lower abdominal pain can also be occurring
  •    Itching in the genital area
  •   A bad-smelling thin vaginal discharge
  •   Burning with urination
  •   Pain with sex
  •   Discharge burning during the time of urination


There are two serious complications in this disease of trichomoniasis.

  •   It is mainly caused by the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS.
  •   This disease is also caused by the low bright birth weight
  •   Some scientists say that trichomoniasis is mainly caused by cervical cancer but most of the scientists say that it is not caused by cancer. So its role in the causation of cancer is unclear.
  •   In the male mostly it is caused by urethritis and prostatitis.

Causes of Trichomoniasis

There are many causes of trichomoniasis.

This parasite is mainly attacked on the genital tract of the human. It is mainly caused by sexual contact or the genital contact.

The protozoan produces the mechanical stress on the animal on which it is lived and it causes the death of the cell.


There are about three main ways to test for trichomoniasis.

  •  The first case is saline microscopy. This method is mainly used and requires vaginal and penile swab specimens for examination under a microscope. The diagnose this a low sensitivity 60_70 often of an inadequate sample.
  •  Secondly, this disease is caused by the diagnosis by the culture, which is the gold standard. The culture test of this disease is so cheap but this is valid.
  •  The third method for the diagnosis of the trichomoniasis is the nucleic acid amplification is also called as NAATS.these type of tests are more sensitive .these tests are better than the microscopy and culture test and it is also valid the other than the culture and microscopy is highly valid and sensitive about 80_90%.

Treatment of 

Metronidazole is given to both pregnant and nonpregnant women through the mouth when the women were infected with the disease. When one dozen of the metrozole 95_98 %  women were resolved the infection.

Sometimes the parasite is more resistant to metrazol so that this medicine repeat once and once. It is treated with the many antibiotics are used. The trichomoniasis is sometimes persistent for years in pregnant women. Oral antibiotics are more valid than the tropical treatment and there is no side effect of the oral antibiotics because these are gentiuniray structures.

Prevention of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is prevented and avoided by using the condom by the male and female because by using this it is prevented. Trichomoniasis is spread through the sexual contact but the trichomoniasis is not spread by the water because the trichomoniasis veginallis dies in water after 45 to 60 minutes if the water is thermal than the parasite dies in the half an hour to 3 hours and in the diluted urine after 5_7 hour it dies.

This disease is widely spread in the united states because there are many sexual contacts and congenital cases appear every year because there is no prevention.


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