Sleep Paralysis and its relationship with supernatural creatures

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Sleep Paralysis is permanent or maybe the temporary inability of unable to move our body and unable to speak. These are conscious feelings. Sometimes we feel we are failing, feel pressure on the thread, and cannot take a breath easily.

Many uncommon pictures come ion our mind, hearing of uncommon sound in the room also feels that someone full pressure on our chest and also chocking sense. They have a total of 7.6% in the world population, and also 28.3% in the students.

It was first discovered by Silas Mitchell in 1876. Earlier researchers discover that it is a nightmare and its range is second to a few minutes and vivid hallucinations and suffocation and chest pressure are involved in it.

Galen is a Greek Physician, who discovered that sleep paralysis connection with gastric disturbance. Isbrand van and Johann weir were assumed that sleep paralysis is an association of the vapors rising from the stomach to the brain.

When does Sleep Paralysis occur?

Sleep paralysis mostly occurs at night. You may fall asleep and go to deep sleep. This condition may occur with you when you are between waking up and falling asleep. You can say that you are neither awake nor asleep.

On the one hand, it looks like a dream, your eyes are open and you are looking around. It happens to you at night and you feel fear because of the night darkness.

This condition is related to night but It can occur during the day. But the more sleep paralysis you have, the more likely it is at night.

The age group most affected with sleep paralysis?

It can occur in any age group but research tells us that the disease mostly affects boys and girls up to ten to twenty years of age.

But there are also many cases that show that the disease affects women up to the age of seventy, as well as the symptoms can be found in older men. These all depend on the factor that caused it. 

Food and sleep paralysis

Food also plays a role in the development of sleep paralysis as a type of eating disorder that may be good for one person but not necessarily the same diet for another person.

As far as the disease is concerned, research has shown that the symptoms of this disorder are related to the food content that you eat.  Most were eaten on a full stomach. Similarly, the use of starch food and drinking too much water after eating and sleeping can also cause this problem.

What are the Causes of sleep paralysis?

There are the following causes of sleep paralysis documented in the literature.

  • Not enough Sleep
  • Sleep schedule disturbance
  • Sleep Pattern disturbance
  • Mental health condition
  • Injury of the nervous system
  • Backward sleeping
  • Substance abuse  
  • Medication 
  • Food content
  • Using alcohol and smoking
  • Non-comfortable environment for sleeping

What are the symptoms of sleep paralysis?

Some common symptoms of sleep paralysis are given below.

  • The feeling of frightened
  • Feel some kind of pressure on their chest
  • The chest may be restricted or crushed
  • Feel eyes are opened but actually no open
  • Breathing problems
  • We feel unsettled after the awaking
  • Noise or voice in the room
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain and paranoia
  • Sweating 

Sleeping position and sleep paralysis

This question is also important that position of sleep is involved in the occurrence of sleep paralysis, so it is true that if you sleep perfectly straight the symptoms will occur.   

But it is also not the case that anyone who sleeps perfectly straight will have this complaint. It has also come to light that people who slept on their backs also had this problem. But most of the time this problem is faced only by those who sleep straight.

Treatment of sleep paralysis

They are the following treatment, which is discussed below.

  • Found a comfortable environment for sleeping
  • Improving the timing of sleeping
  • Remove or leave the use of alcohol or smoking
  • Maintain the temperature of the room, they may not cooled or hot
  • If any mental problems, then treat these problems
  • Keep a one time for sleeping and awaking
  • No, take more depression or stress
  • Also, keep with frontward sleeping
  • Don’t take worried about any things or problems
  • We need to contact a specialist doctor for medication if necessary

Is there a relationship between sleep paralysis with supernatural creatures

As far as why this thing already has a deep connection with an invisible creature is absolutely wrong. It is not with any invisible creature.

This is because the nervous system is not working, which causes the whole body to stop working for some time. And it feels like something invisible has come and sat on your body, especially on your chest. And that thing wants to destroy you.

In this case, the nervous system is not already working properly. It accepts that this is normal. And some of the shapes will look like a ball of air in the shape of a human coming and sitting on your chest. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

There are such things in the literature of the time when there was no progress of science in so much detail, so according to that time, people had the interpretation of the disease like that the supernatural thing is responsible for this condition.

so, it is normal, you have to change your lifestyle especially you’re sleeping and eating habits, you can easily get rid of this disorder.

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