What should players do in medial collateral ligament injury

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Medial Collateral Ligament Injury is a common form of knee injury where ligaments of the inner part of the knee are partially or completely damaged. 

People who are sports players have more chances of having Medial Collateral Ligament Injury (MCL). Because it often happens to them that while running, they fall down which is the biggest cause of MCL.

As soon as this happens, the knees become inflamed and feel severe pain. In the meantime, if a van explodes and blood can accumulate inside the skin.
In most cases it is automatically cured but in some cases it becomes inevitable to go to the doctor. https://www.sfh-tr.nhs.uk/media/8848/pil202005-01-mcls-medial-collateral-ligament-mcl-sprain.pdf

What should players do after they become MCLs?

Ice Use

Gives the benefit of using ice in the injury site, which reduces the feeling of pain.


It is very important to rest players who have been in problems. And rest should be done until they are fully recovered.

Use of medicines

Pain-killer medications are sometimes very important. It is right to use such medicines if you are having too much pain.

To tie a bandage 

In the place where there is injury, tie the bandage, but not so tite the blood shall stop .

Avoid walking 

You will try to avoid walking completely.  [1]https://www.arthroscopytechniques.org/article/S2212-6287(17)30063-4/pdf


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