Diagnosis and treatment of penetrating head injury

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Penetrating brain injury (PBI) is a terrible brain injury  that can damage the brain and its bones as well as the layers of the brain. Fractures of the cranium and sinking inside the brain can affect brain function and cause severe damage. There may be a hole in the brain which can lead to death.
Penetrating brain injury are the most damaging injuries of head. [1]Penetrating head injury – Wikipedia


There are many causes of Penetrating head injuries like road accidents, fights, bluets, injury during sports etc. History tells us use of hand mettle arms in battles fields are the most causative agent for this kind of injury. [2]Penetrating Head Trauma – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf (nih.gov)

Diagnosis and treatment

For diagnosis of  Penetrating brain injury (PBI) There are fowling options are available, and use according to situations.


X-rays will be performed to take image of fracture area.

CT Scan

CT Scan is the other diagnostic tool to get deep observations.


MRI is the third one option for diagnosis of this injury. MRI can only use when there should no metal  or metal  particle present in defectives area.

There is only one treatment option is and this is surgery. Surgery will be perform according to the severity of hit [3]Management of penetrating brain injury Kazim SF, Shamim MS, Tahir MZ, Enam SA, Waheed S – J Emerg Trauma Shock (onlinejets.org)

Written by: Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Ahsan

Reviewed by:
Dr. Shafaat Yar Khan  (Ph.D.) 
Medical University of Vienna, Austria    

Present: University of Sargodha, Pakistan

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