Lupus erythematosus : history, Types, causes, diagnosis, treatment

Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease it occurs when the immune system attacks the body because it mistakenly took it as something foreign. There are many types of autoimmune diseases and one of them is lupus erythematosus.

Its symptoms are different in among people. It is unusual onset of at15-45 years of age. Different studies on SLE show that it is a syndrome not a single disease.

Early History of SLE

Rogueries Frugardi at first named this term LUPUS in the 1200s. The term Lupus is a Latin word, this word for wolf. As compare to this word is consider as condition of facial rashes look like a wolf bite. In 1800 Austrian doctor Ferdinand was an first Physician which study on LUPUS and its symptoms is extended beyond the skin. After then a French doctor name them into LUPUS erythematosus from erythema which is a Greek word means blush


According to the Lupus Foundation of America, there are at least 1.5 million Americans suffering from diagnosed lupus. The exact commonness faces complexity in determination because many of the symptoms of SLE show resemblance to other disorders. It is possible that the condition remains undiagnosed in some affected people. Females have 9 times more chances to become susceptible to disease as compared to males.

Over the past 50 years SLE has become more prevalence in industrialized western countries. The researches show that factors i-e; tobacco used in industrial countries may contribute to difference in disease frequency.

The SLE is not exactly a known its causes but several factors are relevant to this disease


Genetics is linked to be considered as the certain gene is responsible for SLE. Genome-wide associated studies GWAS using hundreds or thousands pf single Nucleotide polymorphism SNP. The GWAS is associated with SLE


Environmental factors also cause SLE. These factors are;

  • Physical and emotional pressure
  • suffering
  • Viruses
  • Drugs
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Epstein Barr virus is responsible as the development of LUPUS

About hundred drugs are reported as inducing the lupus syndrome

Sex and hormones

SLE affects the women more as compared to men. Women can face serious symptoms during pregnancy and menstrual cycles. These observations show that female hormone Estrogen probably has a role in causing SLE, however research is needed to prove it.

Types of Lupus

There are 5 different types :

  • complete Lupus erythematosus
  • Discoid
  • Sub acute cutaneous
  • Drug induced
  • Neonatal

Systemic lupus erythematosus

It is a disease more commonly called. It involves the entire body and is the most serious type .

Discoid Lupus

It is the disease in which only rash occur mostly a mark in circular shape occurs without any other symptoms.

Sub acute cutaneous lupus

It includes the most widespread rash that is often aggravate by exposing to sun. It is relevant to limited form of SLE.

Drug-induced lupus

It is comparatively rare and is induced by drugs such as some anti-seizure drugs and hydrazine. 

It usually causes pain in chest, heart and lungs soreness, undue blood test and rashes.

Neonatal lupus

It mostly present in child when their mothers have abnormalities in blood. But it is not present in those children whose mother have SLE but not have these abnormalities. In this type symptoms vanish after a few months.

Inheritance patterns of lupus:       

LE and other diseases related to it are transferred in next generations but the transferring mechanisms are not known. When the disease is transferred there are chances that the person will be susceptible to disease but it’s not compulsory that the person will develop the disease. It is observed that there are mutations present in the genes of persons transferring the SLE but they do not show signs of the disease.

Organs affected by lupus erythematosus


Joint pain is most common in Lupus erythematosus. Inflexibility and severe pain in joints occur especially at dawn. There is no time limit for it, this joint pain may exists for days, weeks or for years.


Troubles to skin occur commonly during this disease. Redness occurs at face and the marks may develop due to this disease.

When exposed to sun the rashes can be increased. And chances increased that disease will become panic. The scars are generally circular in shape that formed during this disease. The disease may results in the formation of vesicles on the body.


When the lupus occur it also lead to kidney problems. Kidney pain occurs and swelling occurs in kidneys which may lead to kidney problems.


When lupus occurs in a person then person also faces blood complications. The number of erythrocytes, white cells and blood platelets decreases.

Person having lupus tends to develop clots of blood. These clots of blood are formed in lower limbs, brain and lungs. When blood clots are formed in the body then it leads to the formation specialized antibodies that heighten the rate of blood to clot. Blood tests are performed for these antibodies.

Spinal cord and Brain:

Spinal cord and brain are usually not affected by this disease. When it occurs it may lead to coldness, sadness, seizure and trauma. When the infection occurs in spinal cord it leads to failing of body systems.

How the lupus erythematosus diagnosed                                             

To check the disease bodily exams will be performed. This includes;

  • Rash formation due to sunlight
  • Sore membrane of mucous especially in nose and oral cavity
  • Puffiness of joints of lower limbs and elbows
  • Loss of hair
  • Shrinking of hair
  • Asymmetrical heartbeats

Blood tests are not more helpful in determining the disease but the diagnosis can be performed by;

X-ray of chest area

Urine tests

Antibody test

You should have to go to a doctor who is specialized in treating arthritis and other diseases related to it

Treatment for lupus erythematosus

The treatments vary from person to person so treatment is made according to the situation.

  • medicines to reduce inflammation are used
  • Special creams or tubes are used for scars
  • To treat joint problems drugs are recommended
  • Drugs for modifying the disease are used in rigorous cases
  • The doctor made the changes in diet and lifestyle to treat the disease. Doctor also made suggestion to eat the special food to reduce the symptoms of disease.

Person suffering from the lupus have to made special care because as disease proceeds it may lead to the weakness and pores in bones. So, preventive measures are necessary.

Complications due to lupus erythematosus

  • Complications always occur due to the disease and changes occur due to the proceeding disease
  • Clots of blood and swelling occur in the veins
  • Bulge of the heart
  • Attack to heart
  • Changes in behavior
  • Lessen functioning of kidneys

During gestation, LE has bad effects on the body of mother. So, to consult a doctor is necessary for the avoidance of disease.

  • The medicines made from microorganisms, animals and human are used.
  • The drugs having role in suppressing the immune system strength are used
  • Medicines treating arthritis and inflammation are used
  • Medicines reducing longing and allergic reactions are used

Life with lupus erythematosus

Although people have lupus it does not mean that they have not normal life expectancy

It is difficult to live with such type of disease but special measures are taken to live a healthy life. As different medicines are used to treat the disease these may have side effects so proper consultation with doctor is very important.

Although medication plays a great role in treating lupus but other precautionary measures are also important to ensure better quality of life.


Proper exercise is very important to live a healthy life. Proper exercise especially morning walk plays a great role in maintaining health. It prevents us from stress and made our body fit and healthy.

Leave Smoking

Smoking is injurious to our health. Smoking leads to many infectious diseases especially it leads to heart and lung diseases. Due to smoking risk of increasing mucous level in the pulmonary arteries increases. So, it is compulsory to quit the smoking to prevent lupus.

Taking Rest

Resting sooth pain and reduces sudden outbursts.

Staying away from sun exposure

Keeping away from the sunlight provides protection from harmful radiations from the sun. Constant exposure to sun causes dark marks on the body.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is most important for our body. It is very essential for our bones.

Cleaning of hands at regular intervals

When hands are washed regularly it helps a lot in removing germs and ultimately prevention occurs from infectious diseases.

Supervising pain:

Different ways are there through which pain is controlled. Proper bathing, proper exercising and recommended drugs are proved effective in this condition.

Maintaining mental health:

Proper mental health by consulting psychiatrist and making proper diet plans.

Pregnancy and lupus erythematosus

Women suffering from lupus have probability of becoming pregnant but it is suggested that the woman must consult doctor before such type of plans. When lupus is at lower stage then you are at advantage for these plans. But when the disease becomes severe women are suggested to avoid baby because lupus had bad effects especially on brain, lungs and kidneys.

While medicines are used doctors usually take care about the suggestions of medicines so that no side effects occur. Anti-inflammatory medicines can be used during this time.

When there is increased level of medicines that increases blood clots then chances of miscarriage increases. When the suitable medicines are used at proper time the successful deliveries also occur. There is confusing situation that either pregnancy leads to outburst of lupus or not. So, it is described that if women is healthy means she is not susceptible to lupus at high level, her organs are safe it mean no outburst of lupus will occur in her and she can conceive baby.

But if there is disease of kidney then it will leads to high rate of amino acids in urine. So, it become complicated to that protein coming in urine is either due to lupus or just due to pregnancy. For these conditions it is compulsory to visit your doctor.

There are very low chances that the baby will get lupus from mother if consultation to doctor occur at time there are healthy babies born safe from lupus. But proper scanning of babies are necessary during the whole period of pregnancy.

Management of Lupus Symptoms:

This disease leads to difficult situations for living, a person faces many problems specifically during the energy dependant stages of a person’s life. So, spending time with other persons who are also suffering from this disease leads to  proper sharing of feelings and it can be proved best in disease curing because a person passing through this situation can only comprehend the other persons feelings. You can meet to patients in different hospitals. You can deliver speeches to people and can shore up patients about the disease.

Medicines use for controlling birth:

If there is lupus at a great level then a women should use birth controlling pills. These pills have low concentration of estrogen high level of estrogen can leads to burst up of disease. If treatment is on way already then do not use these pills otherwise estrogen level will drops to dangerous level and it can affect bones. The pores will start forming in bones and weakness will occur.

Therapy for replacement of hormone:

Recently a new therapy for hormone replacement has been suggested. If there is outburst of lupus and signs of lupus are appeared then it therapy for replacement of hormone is suggested.

By using this therapy the disease can be well controlled.

Diet Plans and food in lupus erythematosus

Food is not a cause that leads to lupus and food only cannot cure this disease. But food is compulsory for the treatment of this disease. Usually a balanced diet plan is necessary containing enough quantity of milk, fruits, cereals etc.

A balanced diet plan is very useful in curing the disease and it will be helpful in vanishing swelling, making muscles strong so that no weakness can occur, a healthy diet also protects from the side effects of medicines, due to proper eating of fruits weight loss do not occur and it prevents from the diseases of heart.

Lowering Swelling and other Signs:

As discussed earlier lupus is a disease that causes swelling so a proper diet recommended by doctor can help to fight against the disease. The food containing enough quantity of proteins and glucose are proved beneficial. Hydrogenated fats are the main factor that causes high cholesterol level and swelling. The hydrogenated fats are present dry fruit, milk and milk made products, meat soups etc.

Many foods are proved helpful in stimulating burst ups of lupus. Bean plants are used in making medicines theses leads to lupus outbursts special tablets are made from these bean plants that can cause lupus or lupus like diseases. The tablets can cause weakness of muscles, tiredness, blood disorders and many diseases of organs.

Keeping stout muscles and bones:

A god diet plan is proved helpful in maintaining healthy muscles and stout bones. In this disease bones are at a great risk so to keep the bones healthy is necessary. If the proper nutrition will not eaten then there will b pores formation in the bones and due to these pores the bones will become weak and weakness will occur.

In keeping muscle and bones strong the main factor is calcium and the major quantity of milk is present in milk and dairy products. The best products include milk, butter, curd etc

Some people do not like milk so juices, milk shakes etc are suggested. There are different vegetables especially green are proved beneficial and if proper calcium cannot be attained through diet then calcium rich medicines are used.

Preventing the ill effects of medicines:

When medicines are used then these can cause the ill effects in the body of patient. Good diet proved beneficial in maintaining health such as avoiding bad effects on kidneys and high blood pressure.

Vitamins present in fruits are most important in preventing bad effects of medicines. If ill effects started occurring then do not use oily and spicy foods during this period. If the medicines used lead to causing stomach disorders i-e;  nausea then always use medicine with meal so that no irritation can occur.

Gaining a healthy weight:

When the disease starts it has many bad affects on the body of a person. Person suffering from the lupus can have weight loss due to the disease. So, proper diet is necessary for the maintenance of body weight. Person having low physical activity can have also weight loss. It is not fixed that weight only loss o weight can also increase due to the diseases. If such conditions occur then consultation to a doctor is compulsory. Good exercise is proved beneficial in curing the disease. A diet specialist can help you in making diet plan for the disease in best way.

Lowering the threat of Diseases of heart:

Heart diseases can occur in the people who had lupus. So, diet rich in nutrients is essential in preventing heart diseases. If person has a problem of hypertension and increased fat in body then diet plan should be changed and medicines are prescribed according to the situation.


Dry fruits



All these are proven beneficial in treating heart diseases.

Connection of Lupus with intellectual health:

Lupus can have long term effects on the person’s brain it affects badly the persons emotions. Either it is diagnosed at early stage or at later stages but have adverse affects on the person’s emotions and mental health. The poor mental health leads to anger, sadness, agony etc.

When the situation is comprehended it became easy to handle the situation. When this disease appears it leads to marks on the face due to these marks the facial appearance is affected.

Least rate of activity:

When the lupus appears it leads to tiredness the affected person does not take interest in any activity performed and is appeared lazy. The person doing job somewhere can resign the job due to the signs of lupus. And in this way person will miss the happiness attained from the job.


When the pain is in affected area after intervals it leads to anger and emotional stress. The person become weak day by day and it can cause despair in person. The affected person likes to sit alone and do not take part in activities performed around.

Riskiness about future life:

Person suffering from the lupus can become hopeless and started considering their future risky. The disease spread very immediately.

Complexity in relationships of family:

A person suffering from lupus finds it difficult to look out relationships. As they are already suffering from the disease and it’s symptoms so the whole house find difficulty in understanding such a new behavior of the diseased person.

Getting rid of these psychological issues:

Firstly it is suggested that a person must go to a doctor and share these all problems to him. But the main thing is how you can support yourself against the disease.

Upskilling others and yourself:

Firstly search the disease and collect enough information about the disease. Then transfer the information to people around yourself suffering from the disease. Due to the awareness people can take precautionary measures against the disease.


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