Can chickenpox be spread from schools?

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Chickenpox is a highly contagious viral illness that most commonly affects children. It is a rash that spreads from the head to the rest of the body. Chickenpox can be serious but is usually mild. The most common symptoms are a fever, a rash all over the body, and a headache. Chickenpox can last up to a week.

What are the causes of chickenpox?

The possible cause of chickenpox is the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is the cause of chickenpox. And can last 10 to 21 days are its time period.

What are symptoms of the chickenpox?

Some symptoms of chickenpox that are shown on the body are discussed below.

  • Rash-like blisters. These show on the trunk and also on the face, and also spread on the whole body
  • Malaise can also present
  • Children and adults are worse in their fever
  • Muscles are aching
  • Appetite losing
  • Nausea is also felt
  • Spots are shown in cluster form
  • Developing blisters top and spot
  • Clouding appears
  • Blisters and spots are very painful and also red
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Headache is present
  • The spreading of rushing on eyes
  • Taking breaths is difficult

Treatment of chickenpox

Chickenpox has many treatments and some treatments of chickenpox are discussed below.

  • These are resolved in 1 to 2 weeks, without any treatments
  • These are prevented by a vaccine, they do not care
  • Some doctors can give some medication, and some advice, which reduces some discomfort and itching symptoms in chickenpox
  • Some free-sugar popsicles help reduce the symptoms of it
  • Using loose clothes which are comfortable
  • With the help and use of antiviral medications

Domestic Treatments of the Chickenpox

They have many domestic treatments for chickenpox, which these domestic and herbal treatments’ are given below, these may be natural or may be artificial.

  • Using the lotion,  these help in the itching reduction
  • Also, use the free-sugar popsicles
  • Use oatmeal in bathing.
  • Caring for scratching and also using mittens.
  • And also use baking Soda during baths.
  • Dry fruit use

Prevention of chickenpox

Chickenpox has many preventions and some prevention chickenpox is given below.

They have vaccines that are used for varicella two doses are used for the child. One dose is given at the 12-15 months the second one is at the stage of four to six years. The chickenpox chances are reduced by nearly nineteen percent. [1]Microsoft Word – Chickenpox.doc ( [2] [3]Chickenpox: Symptoms, treatment, stages, and causes (

Can chickenpox be spread from schools?

Chickenpox is a highly contagious virus that can be spread through contact with saliva or mucus from an infected person. It is most commonly spread through contact with the chickenpox rash. It can also be spread from an infected child to another child through close contacts, such as sharing clothes, cups, or other utensils. In schools, it is possible for spreading chickenpox from one infected student to other healthy children. [4]Varicella-FAQs-for-Schools.pdf (


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