Chickenpox | A rapid viral infection

The infectious disease, which can cause the pimple inflamed itchy rushing and a high level of fever. These are blisters turned then the scab loses. Many children are affected by the chickenpox, also these are caused by the one type virus, whose name is zoster herpe. Its second name is varicella. These infections are very high contagious.

All patients feel uncomfortable health. 1 to 2 weeks are required for its recovery. Also common in children. In mid of the 1990s, these are introduced. These mostly occur in adults. The system of human immune systems is weak. And also occur in women which are pregnant. These are a viral infection, which is spreading on the whole body. Which people are not vaccinated, the average of chickenpox in it is high.

Symptoms of the chickenpox

Some symptoms of chickenpox which are shown on the body are discussed below.

  •       Rash like blisters. These show on the trunk and also on the face, and also spread on the whole body.
  •       And malaise is the second symptom of it.
  •       Children and adults are worse in their fever.
  •       Muscles are aching.
  •       Appetite losing.
  •       Nausea is also felt.
  •       Spots are shown in cluster form.
  •       Developing blisters top and spot.
  •       Clouding appears.
  •   Healing is also shown.
  •   These bolsters and spots are very painful also red.
  •   And also difficulties in breathing.
  •   And also a headache is present.
  •   Bumps that are pink are present on the body.
  •   Crusty comes from bumps.
  •   High fever.
  •   The spreading of rushing on eyes.
  •   The color of rushing is red.
  •   Taking breaths is difficult.
  •   These are also shown inside the mouth.
  •   Also shown on lips

The phases of symptoms of chickenpox are three, which are discussed here because these are formed in 3 phases, the first one is that pink or maybe red bumping form on the skin. Then the second phase is that then blisters come in form and fluid is filled in it. The third phase is that at the final end-stage, the producing of scab crusty and harden of blister

Causes of chickenpox

Some causes of chickenpox are given below which are the cause of the chickenpox.

  •       Zoster varicella virus is the cause of chickenpox.
  •       10 to 21 days are its time period.
  •       Flu and cold are caused by spreading it.
  •       These are mostly occurring in the adult or child.
  •       These diseases are highly infectious.
  •       Its one cause is that these are spread with one person to another person.
  •      Viruses spread throughout the body.
  •       Coughing is the cause of it.
  •       And also saliva causing it.
  •   And sneezing is causing it.
  •   This caused it 12 years ago.
  •   Other infections in the body.
  •   Uses of the unclean food.
  •   Uncaring ourselves.
  •   Using the wrong injection
  •   Spreading of the viruses.

Treatment of chickenpox

The chicken pox has many treatments and some treatments of chickenpox are discussed below.

  •       These are resolved in 1 to 2 weeks, without any treatments.
  •       These are prevented by a vaccine, they have not any care.
  •       Some doctors can give some medication, and some advice, which reduces some discomfort and itching symptoms in chickenpox.
  •       With the help of tylend these can be treatments.
  •       Some free- sugar popsicles help reduce the symptoms of it.
  •       Using loose clothes which are comfortable.
  •       With the help and use of antiviral medications.
  •       Also using acyclovir, will reduce severing the chickenpox symptoms.
  •       And also using the vaccine, which can help with the treatments of chickenpox.
  •   Clean the body, wear clean cloth.

 Herbal and Domestic Treatments of the Chickenpox

They have many domestic and herbal treatments of chickenpox, which these domestic and herbal treatments’ are given below, these may be natural or may be artificial.

  •         Using of the lotion, whose name is the calamine, these help in the itching reduction.
  •         Also using the free- sugar popsicles.
  •         Using oatmeal in bathe.
  •         Caring for scratching and also using mittens.
  •         And also using baking Soda during baths.
  •         Using the relief of pain.

 Pregnancy and chickenpox

 Chickenpox occurs during the pregnancy, which explanations are given below.

The pneumonia is developing with chickenpox during pregnancy. They have many dangerous infections on the fetus during pregnancy. If the chickenpox occurs the first twenty-week during pregnancy. They have high risking of the syndrome of varicella fatal

Some causes of chickenpox during pregnancy are given below.

  1.       The brain may be drainage.
  2.       The problem of the eye.
  3.       Shortened the eyes.
  4.       And also because of the small arms.
  5.       If the chickenpox occurs in the pregnancy later, then these are caused by varicella with the body.

 Weakened immune system and chickenpox.

If a person has a weakened system of immune, they have a high risk of chickenpox catching. Medication certain taking and cancer has taken these are going under the radio and chemotherapy for the treatments.

They have arthritis of rheumatoid and lupus, these are chronic. And also include the septicemia and sepsis and maybe pneumonia.

 Prevention of chickenpox.

  The chickenpox has many preventions and some prevention of chickenpox is given below.

They have vaccines that are used for varicella two doses are used for the child. One dose given at the 12-15 month second one is at the stage of four to six years. The chickenpox’s chances are reduced by nearly nineteen percent.

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