Back pain can be caused by mental distress

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What is mental distress?

Mental distress is a neurological condition in which the brain and body do not remain in a balanced state due to certain unfavorable conditions. If we have some kind of psychological issues than the brain’s own activity will affect, that leads to mental problem.

In the case of mental disorders, certain chemicals are being released from the brain which should not be under normal conditions.

As soon as the adverse conditions disappear, the brain also begins to function normally and if a person continues to walk in such a way that the brain is under stress, it has an effect on the body and also affects the body metabolism. These disorders are mostly anxiety, stress, depression etc.

Back pain can be caused by a mental disorder?

Back pain is basically a condition in which there is constant pain on the back side of the body. 

The back pain may be in the middle, it may be on the right side, it may be on the left side, it may be in the lower part, it may be in the upper part of the waist. It has been observed that in some cases due to mental stress macular pain and pain in joints begins to start at the back of patient. And it cause disturbance for individual. [1]Chronic low back pain and the risk of depression or anxiety symptoms: insights from a longitudinal twin study (

Why back pain occurs in mental disorders

It’s hard to believe that back pain is caused by a mental disorder, but it does happen.
In fact, the body is releasing a variety of chemicals that are playing an important role in keeping the brain as well as the body normal.

The major hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, which are released from the adrenal glands above the kidneys, work with muscle activity and regulate body metabolism.

Adrenaline greatly increases muscle activity. And the release of large amounts of cortisol weakens it. When you have a mental illness, these hormones are released and are constantly working of muscles and causing pain. That is, the muscles are getting weaker and they are constantly working. [2]112_116.pdf ( [3]74244153.pdf (

Symptoms of back pain due to mental disorders

When the muscles under the influence of hormones are working for a long time, then the muscles get tired and also weaken. It causes pain. It is happening with the back muscles which is causing them pain.

Symptoms of back pain due to mental disorders are below.

  • Lower back pain
  • Lower side
  • Lower right side
  • Pain in mid of back
  • Right and left side Pain
  • Pain feeling like kidney pain
  • Pain like sciatic pain
  • Pain in lower side of neck

How to reduce back pain due to mental illness

If there is pain due to mental distress, then the root cause of it has to be eliminated.
Eliminating the underlying cause of stress will make healthier. There are other factors that can help to heal it.

  • Taking painkillers
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Use of antidepressant
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Morning walk Exercise
  • Excessive use of water
  • Massage Use of oil 
  • Do not lie still for long periods of time
  • Heat and cold pads [4] [5]Prevention and treatment of low back pain: evidence, challenges, and promising directions – The Lancet [6]

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