Seminoma | Tumor of testicle and germ cells

Seminoma is the form of tumor, originating in the testicle of germ cells. It is a tumor neoplasm and it can be cured and can be treated. Chances of survival are above 95% if it is treated in the early stages. These testicle tumors originate in the seminiferous tubules of the epithelium.

  •   It included unadulterated cancerous cell
  •   The traditional type of tumor cancerous cell
  •   Malignancy

Its treatments frequently involve eliminating one of the testicles but productiveness is maintained and other sexual characteristics will also remain as normal. Seminoma usually occurs on average age in the company of fifteen and thirty-five periods. 

Seminoma is a 50% of germs cell tumor. It contains usually bulky mass and sometimes 10 times greater than older men. Nearly equal to half of the testicle germ cells are tumors of seminomas. These cancerous cells grow from the germ cell and make sperm.


Kinds of gonadal cancer

The diseased growth in some parts of the body in the highest amount is germ cell tumor.

The germ cell tumor further divides into kinds. Cancer is a rudimentary unit of disease and neglect form of is a rudimentary unit of disease.  Neglected forms of cancer rudimentary units of the disease are very quickly to receive the impression to fully delight remedy.

Etiology is not known but disease growth in some parts of the body comes into existence from a fetal cell germ guiding to the testicular high-grade cyst.

Undescended testicles are also causing suspicion of danger for the evolution of seminoma germ cell tumors.

Neglected form of cancer rudimentary unit of disease

This kind of cancer comes into existence faster than seminoma germ cell-tumor. Neglected form of cancer rudimentary unit of diseascreate more types of cells and is recognized by different cells. Secretory organ, infrequently and very harmful cyst formed through it.

Causes of Seminoma

  • Having abnormalities in the cells of testicles.
  • Lack of fertility or related to fertility problems.
  • Related to genetic disorder or family history.
  • Having sexual depravity like HIV and AIDS. These cancerous cells grow throughout germ cells.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals.

Sprout is a kind of germ cell tumor that comes into being from the omission of change condition, when first formed germ cells are unable to move forward. Sprout can go through the harmful formation and have a shortage of description of any type of past events.

  • Warm laptops could cause skin injury. It has a greater power of evolution which causes cancer of skin.
  •       Down syndrome
  •       Tumor syndrome

Seminoma has the following major symptoms

  •       An effortless lump or swelling in the testicle.
  •       Pain in the testicle or scrotum.
  •       Soreness in a testicle or in the scrotum.
  •       Dull pain in the inferior backside, groin, or stomach.
  •       An unexpected liquid accumulation in the scrotum.
  •       Mysterious tiredness or malaise.
  •       Exchange in the skin bag of the body in which waste liquid collects.
  •       The annoying part does not injure
  •       Cancerous cells are commonly found in men of 30-40 age.

Diagnostic options of seminoma

In some cases, testicular cancer can form the first tumor out of the gonads. following diagnostic options are there.

  • Blood tests 
  • Placental alkaline phosphatase
  • ALP, ALKP, ALpase, AlkPhos test
  • CT scan
  • Breast Roentgen rays
  • MRI

The diagnosis is formed by the collection of photographs and specimens from blood, tissue, and urine taken by a practice microscope.

Treatment of cancer cell or testicular cancer 

About 95 percent of men having semi-formal disorder make complete healing after getting proper treatment chances of recovery are more when a patient of seminoma is treated early or sooner.

Seminoma is mostly treated as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or grouping of both these treatments. Tumor having either seminoma or nonseminoma that happens with the presence of AFP should be cured as non-seminoma. The analysis of tumors also helps in assembly. 


Surgery is commonly the first line of treatment. The testicle is surgically removed to prevent tumors. From a scattering patient is treated and diagnosed in stage 1 of seminoma then surgery is the only treatment which is to be needed.

A small incision is made in the and the testicle is removed. The patient remains in the hospital for a few days. The patient of seminoma having one testicle after surgery his life and chances of reproducing should be affected.


If after treatment in surgical removal of testicles the patient will be infertile. So he will not be able to produce sperms. So some sperms are stored in the sperm bank before the removal of testicles. Other testicular cancer therapies are chemotherapy, radiotherapy can also affect seminoma patients in term of fertility.

Lymph node surgery

If a tumor has reached the lymph nodes so it should be removed through surgery. This treatment usually involves the lymph nodes in the abdomen and chest. Sometimes lymph node surgery can result in a lack of fertility.

Radiation therapy

In this method of treatment, the beams far above the ground energy X-rays or particles are used to destroy tumor cells. These rays mechanism by destroying the hereditary material within tumor cells destroying their capacity to grow and reproduce. Patients whose tumors spread to the lymph nodes will receive radiation therapy. It may have the following side effects.

  •   Fatigue
  •   Skin rashes
  •   Muscle rigidity
  •   Loss of hunger
  •   Vomiting


Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to destroy tumor cells. Different cytotoxic medications are used to prevent the cancerous cells from dividing and growing.

Chemotherapy has usually following side effects:-

  •       Sickness
  •       Queasiness.
  •       Oral cavity sores.
  •       Loss of hairs.
  •       Sleepiness and fatigue

Another form of chemotherapy is BEP chemotherapy. In the BEP chemotherapy, most drugs which passed down are antibodies of the bacterium, antibodies of plant etc. The process of distribution is called BEP chemotherapy. Other distribution antibodies are also passed down to be contingent on the kind and stage of seminoma. BEP chemotherapy work as a caregiver which will give to you during your visit to the hospital. Your caregiver commonly gives you before chemotherapy. You will also be given extra liquid from drip before and after medication of anti cancer.

After the occurrence of the treatment, the hair begins to fall out in a few weeks. BEP chemotherapy is a highly impressive treatment that is utilized for men as a treatment with seminoma 91% of patients are alive and all are in the examination. BEP chemotherapy also helps in healing cancerous patients. Chemotherapy habitually is barren during and for a time after treatment. For few men, this could be lasting.

Prevention tips about Seminoma

Cancer can be prevented through these tips.

  • If we remove the use of tobacco
  • You would obtain a physical exam in one year.
  • After washing the whole body do inspect closely.
  • Healthy food.
  • Ignore dangerous behaviour.
  • Obtain uniform supervision of medical
  • Obtain injections
  • Keep yourself safe from radiation from the sun
  • Be physically mobile and keep a healthy load
  • Experience for any swelling

As you experience seminoma, you could perceive a thread-like structure on the tip and in the back of the testicle


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