Recurrent vomiting | Harmful continuous vomiting

The opposite movement of stomach content from stomach to mouth is called vomiting. The word recurrent means moving in the opposite direction or turning back. and if the vomiting occurs continuously or time after time than it is called recurrent vomiting. 


We use the word recurrent when something is happening or occurring continuously or time after time

And the word vomit means to discharge or expelling material from the stomach to the mouth or it can occur through the nose. It is described as the powerful or energetic ejection of stomach content from the stomach to the mouth or through the nose.

Another term is used which is named nausea which means the feeling that you can discharge the content of your stomach but actually it does not occur. Both nausea and vomit are interrelated to each other

Symptoms of recurrent vomiting

Vomiting and nausea usually caused by different factors. It has different symptoms.

Unpleasant sensation in the stomach or sometimes it is painful. It can be felt below the ribs.

It can cause infection in the intestine. In this case, patient body excrement or body waste is released in a fluid form continuously or time after time.

An increase in body temperature

Dizziness, the patient feels that he is about to fall.

Sometimes pulse rate is increased that can cause an increase in body pressure.

Sometimes excessive perspiration of water and salts from the body.

Sometimes salivary glands that are present in the mouth do not produce enough saliva as a result the mouth becomes dry.

Excess removal of water from the body. It is usually termed as dehydration. Due to dehydration, the process of urination decreases, and sometimes blood is forcefully expelled through the mouth in the form of vomiting.


Due to excessive loss of water, the immune system disturbs and it causes excessive sleepiness which leads to the condition which is known as narcolepsy.

An other symptom is the feeling of vomiting termed as nausea which is unspecified symptoms.



Causes of recurrent vomiting

We know that vomiting is not in our control, we can say that it is an involuntary action. By vomiting the body tries to expel the stomach content by force. Usually, the timing of the vomiting may indicate the cause.

It may be caused by locomotion or movement in the automobiles. It is also termed as motion sickness. Our body starts producing saliva, our skin color becomes pale. It is caused when there are clashes between our senses.

Like when we are traveling on the car, our eyes feel one thing, and the muscle sense another thing.

Similarly, there is a clash that my ear is also feeling something different from the eyes or muscles. When the brain receives different information from these different systems it is disturbed. In this way, the person feels to vomit. It mostly takes place in children and pregnant ladies.

Females who become pregnant suffer from vomiting during the early stages. The specific cause of vomiting during pregnancy is still unknown but there are chances that during pregnancy some changes in hormone level occur.

It may be the factor. It usually does not have any life threat to the mom or her baby.

When someone eats a large amount of food in a short time his stomach wants to get rid of the food consumed by vomiting.

When we eat spoiled or polluted food, toxins that are released from the germs present in the food, after some time our immune system responds to these toxins and starts to remove these toxins from the stomach in opposite direction through the mouth, sometimes the condition becomes serious that causes diarrhea.

When the liver fails to perform its function our body starts vomiting blood in severe condition.

One cause of vomiting is chemotherapy.

If a person becomes addicted to drugs such as alcohol it may cause vomiting.

Sometime it may be caused by inflammation of kidney or kidney stones. Appendicitis also causes vomiting.

Self Induced vomiting

 Self-induced vomiting is considered riskier because anybody is trying to expel the stomach content by his own which exerts more pressure on the esophagus. It is mostly found in females.

Vomiting in children

When infants feed they sometimes spit up very small amounts of it during the feeding or after it. Children often vomit irregularly. It is not considered as a serious case. But it may become a serious problem if it lasts for more than one day.

The cause of vomiting in children is the bacteria or viruses that infect the gut of the children . Vomiting in children may cause dehydration.

Treatment of recurrent vomiting

The patient should take drinks that are clear and soft and he should take drinks frequently, otherwise, the body will be dehydrated. Usually, the doctors recommend drinking fruit juices except those that are acidic.

A drug named as antiemetic is used for the treatment of vomiting.

The patient should breathe the air deep into the lungs.

Doxylamine is often used to treat vomiting in pregnancy.

Benzodiazepines help to relieve vomiting.

Dolasteron and Granisetron are also recommended by doctors.

Herbal treatment recurrent vomiting

Many herbal or natural treatments are used against vomiting. Some are given below.

Ginger which is used for cooking purposes is famous for years as a remedy to treat vomiting .

A herb named as mint is also used as treatment for vomiting .When its leaves are mixed with the tea it shows its results for vomiting and diarrhea .

Another natural product which is used as a remedy for vomiting is the seeds of fennel that are helpful for the betterment of the digestive tract .


The following are some precautions that should be kept in mind otherwise vomiting will become severe.

The patient should not eat any kinds of foods that are solid because the stomach is not working properly.

 To avoid dehydration he should take soft drinks frequently.

The patient should take more rest.

Doctors say that the patient should not take any medicines that upset the stomach.

The patient should eat food that is cold and should eat slowly.

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