Psittacosis | Humans infected due to parrots

Psittacosis firstly occurs in the parrots and also seen in the other birds, and these birds also transmit this disease to humans.

In certain conditions, humans take the parrot fever from the other birds that may be included like that broiler duck maybe a pigeon or maybe turkeys. Birds may also cause this type of disease.

Fact about the psittacosis

Basically, this type of disease is initially described as an individual infection. Basically, this type of disease also affected about eight hundred people approximately the globe.

This is caused by bacteria. While if we see the 2010 year in which ten cases also report every year.

Certain parrots may also cause the disease which is known as parrot diseases may be infected from the urine or feces.

While others that are pets or maybe wild may also infect it and then pass to humans.

It is basically in a hot environment. it may be set up anywhere which may be in the form of chosen or maybe personal or may be present in the farms. Parrot has been declaring in certain countries like that Australia England

This type of disease basically shows no symptoms. It basically traps the bacteria while it does not look glance. But its symptoms appear while certain symptoms mark the sign.

Symptoms of Psittacosis

This type of disease occurs or begins in ten days While in certain cases it may also take certain hours or may be days and it also may take nineteen days.

There are certain symptoms that connect with flu which include.

While it may affect the internal organ like that liver and also affect the heart.

These type of disease also affect the bovid mammals which may be transferred to humans this is basically causing the disease like brucellosis

While this type of disease also found in the rabbits or maybe in the rodents from biting it can also transfer to human-like tularemia

It may also get in touch with contaminated small mammal itself



There is also another type of fever that is known as Q fever, basically it’s also a bacterial infection.

Diagnosis of Psittacosis

Basically, this type of disease is related to birds. This disease is diagnosed by certain blood analysis or may possibly be x-ray (chest)

The other thing is that it infects the people when they inhale the bacteria that cause this type of disease.

Treatment of Psittacosis

This type of disease may also be treated with antibiotics.

There are basically two types of antibiotics that are very useful against the disease. However, in certain cases, doctors advise the patients other types of the antibiotic for example if we see in the young children the antibiotic that is prescribed by a doctor like that.


When the identification is done then the treatment of this type of disease is continuous from the ten to fourteen days after the fever determines.

These type of antibiotic are very useful which make them full recover recovery may be in two form

If we see older people then it is a very low process.

While if we see the younger one people that process is slow in them.

While in certain cases this type of disease may also cause the passing away in humans.

Prevention of Psittacosis

In prevention, you take the following steps to prevent this disease. If you follow the following steps it might be reduced to get the parrot fever

In the first step first of all you clean the bird cages regularly so that prevent this type of disease

In the next step nourish the birds properly so those are not packed together.

The next prevention is that if you have more than one cage make sure that they are far apart so that feces and other certain matter can’t transfer between them.

There are the following steps to prevent parrot fever.

There are following prevention tips that you must follow to prevent this type of disease.

Buy the favorite birds from the legendary pet shops.

To avoid this disease you don’t contact the bill of birds at your entrance in the opening and racket.

If you pet the birds then clean the hands frequently after the conduct of it.

If the birds are sick then you go to the veterinarians

Birds keep them in suitable areas.

The other main thing is that if you get a new bird it is not sick then you must monitor it for at least three days. If the bird is dead either it is wild or pet you have not allowed to touch them. 

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