Pneumonia : causes, symptoms and treatment

Pneumonia is an infectious disease mostly caused by microorganisms, difficulty in breathing due to the accumulation of pus in the lungs. That sac can fill up by liquid or secretion purulent matter, cause cough by the phlegm or secretion passion maybe occur, chills and difficult where inhalation. 

Pneumonia is most dangerous in babies and young children, people which are age above 65 and who are with wealth problems or have weak resistant structures.                        

Symptoms of pneumonia                                                                                                                    

Pneumonia is a series from easygoing to severe, depending on the factor which is the type of germ causing the infection and age, and overall health. The mild symbol often was related to those of a related to icy or influenza bur they remain after everything else longer.

one is throbbing feel in the chest as soon as breath or does cough, second is that mental stress and confusion feel in mind or puzzlement or change in psychological wakefulness in adult grow old 65and elder, third cough has created the problem in thyroids which create the irritation and a man feel hurt and do not remain in his happy life.                   

Sweat and chill is occur not in the right wayBody temperature becomes low than normal in adults which are high age from sixty-five and their internal system does not remain set every time and feel pain and hurt and do not remain happy in their life.

Newborn babies and young may not explain any notice of the virus.  All might heart is not satisfied have are and their body temperature remain higher than normal. And a cough appears agitated and very much tired and devoid of force becomes weak and has impenetrability in a gulp of air and eating. And they cannot do any work with happiness and energy remain unhappy and sad in mood and remain away from doing healthy and wealthy activities in their life.         

Causes of Pneumonia                                                                                                     

Several types of organisms that be able to cause pneumonia which is known as bacteria and virus in the atmosphere when breathing. Our body saves us from bacteria our lungs. Sometimes these bacteria overpower your digestive internal system in the body our health is by and large good when we look healthy and happy in our life.                             It may be caused by                     


Streptococcus  is a very famous infection that was caused by this germ in America. . That type of disease is infected by the when the dowdy temperature is low and we feel inactivity in our body and not remain healthy. It can affect one side of the lung. And it is an unfavorable condition.                                                                                                        

Pneumonia is also caused by mycoplasma pneumonia. It usually produces slight sings than do other categories of this disease on foot pneumonia is an unceremonious name given to was categories of this disease which on average has not severe that condition in which a man took a long time on the bed. it means this type is no so dangerous to the patients is a slight type of disease. in this type patient does not bear any pain and difficulties and remains in rest it is not hard for the patient and this category is recovered in a few days or a very minimum time is required for recovery.                                                      


Any categories of this germ that was infected this disease and that is also responsible to low the body heat. In the age of children which are the age of elder five years old was commonly infected by this. Pneumonia which was known as spread pneumonia is a usually slight cause .on another hand it is some other gear it should become a severe condition.                     


Fungi very general form of this disease in those who remain in always constant health evil and nor recover soon. And whose have destabilized protected systems and those people who have taken high dose to the other organism which can cause this type of disease. The fungus which infects this form of the disease can bring into being in dust and bird dropping and vary depending upon geographic location on earth. This form of pneumonia is usually a common cause in the people which have persistent strength problems and have a diluted susceptible system. Many of the people are infected through that when they live in the care center when they are occupied by disease.  

Threat factor

That diseses also can involve everyone or two style of groupware the at the peak of the list which is;                                                          

  •     One type is kids who have the age of two years and above then two.
  •     And those who have age are 65 years or higher than 65.  

Additional peril factors are including

  •     Admitted in hospital; when in the care unit admit you are on the first serious of this disease when living in the caring center commonly when you were used by the machine for your checked the other disease such as in breathing apparatus.
  •     unceasing infection; if the disease whose name is asthma you are caused by this you may behave high chances to get this type.
  •     Smoke; natural defense of the body is very damaged by smoking which against those germs that caused this infection.
  •     Illness’ of the protective system; people those have AIDS or do surgery and transplanting the body organs have the most chance to attain this infection

Complication regarding pneumonia

Some people who receive pneumonia by treatment in particular persons in high or who have thread groups may learn complication as well as;

Germ lives in blood vessels

  • the form of germ that is known as bacteria live or diffuse in vessels of the blood by the lungs might be caused the disease in the many organs of the body and body tissues.
  • The problem in inhalation if this disease is at a serious condition and man has the infection down the lungs than the condition is followed by the problem in inhalation when much amount of oxygen is required and.
  • Liquid with fluid is gathered surroundings the lungs; infection also occurred when a strong layer is built-in among the two tissues that are closely attached to the lungs. When we get information is that this fluid is dirty we arranged the condition we pull this dirty water from the body and save over body. This is pulled by the many types of tubes.
  • Abscess; this kind has come when thin liquid is gathered in the empty spaces in our lungs. And this is removed by much medicine which is against them.

Diagnosis of pneumonia

The doctor who searches your infection get information from you by different questions and used many kinds of methods any done several activities to get complete information about this if an infection appears then the doctor advise for such type of tests;

Checked the blood

  • Checking the blood is a way to verify the cause and the way for searching out the germ which is responsible for it. But exact verification is not probable.

Test of the chest

  • it also has the importance to check the infection and also helps in to detect the place of infection. And also do inform the doctor what sort of bacteria caused it.

Pulse counting

  • this method is helpful to know about the level of the oxygen .this disease provides the hurdles for oxygen in high amounts which goes in blood canals.

Other tests

  • when patients have coughed and temperature for a long time then the liquid is drained from the infected site and tested it.


  • when the disease is not finished rapidly then doctors advise scanning the chest to get more information about the lungs.

    Other methods

  • forget the clear information other kinds of method is used in which liquid is pulled by a needle in the among the ribs.


Precise treatment lay on the kind of disease. The choice maybe


  • The bacterial type is treated with antibiotics. For identification of this required a long time and choice the best medicines to recover soon. After all these requirements if the disease is not removed then the doctor advised others antibiotics.

Medicine for coughing

  • When a cough is too much then this sort of medicine is recommended to recover the cough and rest. If we want that our cough is removed then we should take a smaller dose of medicine and take rest.

Calm down from fever

  • from preventing from yourself fever we used different drugs.

When adults admitted to the hospital with pneumonia

  • If have the age of above 65
  • When remain in suppress condition about location gathering and places
  • Slow down the activity of your kidney
  • If inhalation is rapidly done at the rate of thirty in the one minutes or range above from it
  • If the temperature of the body remains the lowest level than of normal
  • And you have the heartbeat lower than fifty or highest from 100

 Then you may be admitting the care unit if you need to be placed where required the inhalation system or if your signs are serious.

When children admitted to the hospital with pneumonia

  • Their age is elder than two months
  • And if they sleep for a long time and do not do any activity and remain lazy
  • And at the time of breathing they feel difficulty
  • In their body the range of oxygen in the blood remain low
  • And the sings of the low level of the water is shown
  • And others sing which are different than normal

Lifestyle and home remedies for pneumonia

These instructions help maybe get well more rapidly and slow your chance of complication:

Attain prosperity of rest

  • for that time when your body temperature and went to its usual range you should not need to go the school and as well, as at that time at which your cough is not recovered. After all when we understand our health is well then we do not do overwork and avoid such activity. Its reason is that the infection may be return rapidly and if we nor recovered by it. And at a time in which the doctor does not make sure.

Drink liquid

  • Drink liquid things most important is water that makes most chance the slow down level of mucus.

Took medicine regularly

  • you should take your medicines in routine at that time doctor advise if you do lazy in this then the disease come back soon and regularly infected the lungs              
  • Prepare for a meeting with the doctor regularly








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