Middle east respiratory syndrome | Respiratory disorder

Middle east respiratory syndrome is a chronic disease that can affect the lungs.

The lungs can not perform their proper functions of the contraction and the relaxation.as as the functioning of the hurt is also affected by this disease the hurt beat of the heart is too much increased. this increase in the heartbeat causes a heart attack.

Respiratory illness is caused due to this disease

Different fever is also caused due to this disease

T.B is also produced due to this disease

Difficulty in breathing

This disease is caused by pneumonia which is inflammation of the air sacs of the lungs filled with an infection and chemicals and the person can not take a breath.

This also interferes with the transfer of oxygen to the blood, can not be circulated due to this disease

High and yellow fever may also cause the middle east respiratory syndrome

 Various health problems are also caused by this disease

MERS also produced the virus which is causing the health problems


 There are following treatments of this disease

This disease is a camel flu and causes a dangerous disease in which the camel urine is infected on a human.such as pneumonia diabetes and cancer.

 It also affects the upper respiratory part of bird and mammal

 It also causes the gastrointestinal tract of mammals and birds.

 Risk factors

Chronic diseases are also produced by the coronavirus.in In this decrease, the lungs and heart are affected.

It also can affect an immune system in which the immune system week and cause cancer, cancer is uncontrolled in a human

 Microvilli are affected by the disease

 A respiratory organ such as the larynx, trachea, pharynx, bronchi, etc are also affected by the middle east respiratory syndrome


There is no proper treatment and vaccine for the middle east respiratory syndrome

Some helpful medical use necessary for this disease.


       It is used for the treatment of HIDS/AIDS

Mycophenolic acid

       It is used for organ transplantation


   Such medication which is used to decrease the disease of diarrhea.due to this, the frequency of diarrhea is low.due to overeating of loperamide, it cause side effect, abdominal pain, sleepless and vomiting


  This medication is used for the high fever and the allergic reactions, this is used for the treatment of malaria, malaria is a very sensitive and dangerous effect on the human


There are the following prevention

Washing hand affected

We should avoid the close content to those people that are sick.

We should live away from animals such as cats, bats, and dogs

 We should not touch the unwashed hand to the face, eyes, and to the lips

We should wash the hands with the soap every time

We should avoid the camels

We should avoid the drinks that are made up of the milk of the camel

 We should also avoid to eating and drinking the food and milk which contain with the animal secretions


There are following two tests to recognize this disease

 Molecular test

 Serology test

Molecular test

The molecular test is used for the active infections which suddenly occur.

Serology test

A serology test is used for the previous infections


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