Krukenberg Tumor : symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Krukenberg tumor, otherwise called carcinoma microcellular, alludes to the “seal ring” subtype of the metastatic tumor to the ovary. The colon and stomach are the most widely recognized essential tumors to bring about ovarian metastases, trailed by the bosom, lung, and contralateral ovary.

The tumors speak to 5-10% of every single ovarian tumor and up to half of all metastatic tumors to the ovary.

The assessed frequency of the Krukenberg tumor is at around 0.16/100000 every year. They will in general create during the conceptive years 4-5.


Stomach or pelvic agony, stomach swelling, or torment during intercourse, might be the introducing side effect.

Sporadic draining may likewise be seen. The middle patient age at introduction is 48 years.


Krukenberg tumors are metastatic tumors to the ovary that contain all-around characterized histological attributes – mucin-discharging “seal ring” cells and normally begin in the gastrointestinal parcel 4.

The time from analysis of the essential neoplasm to the advancement of ovarian metastasis is variable and can go from a while to >10 years.

Cytologic assessment frequently uncovers mucoid degeneration and numerous huge cells formed like seal rings.

Diagnosis of Krukenberg tumor

Most imaging highlights are vague, comprising of dominatingly strong segments or a combination of cystic and strong zones. It is frequently hard to separate from other ovarian neoplasms 4-5.

There is an assortment of metastatic carcinomas to the ovary that can copy essential ovarian tumors 4.

Pelvic ultrasound

These tumors are ordinarily observed sonographic ally as reciprocal, strong ovarian masses, with clear all around characterized edges.

A sporadic hyper-echoic strong example and neglected like growth arrangement is additionally viewed as a trademark include.


  • CT appearances can be undefined from essential ovarian carcinoma 2. Highlights will support a Krukenberg tumor if a simultaneous gastric or colic painting sore is seen.
  • There is some proof that tumors starting from the stomach might be denser on differentiation upgraded CT than those beginning from the colon 3.

Treatment and Prognosis of Krukenberg tumor

Separation among essential and metastatic ovarian carcinoma is critical concerning treatment and forecast yet might be extremely troublesome dependent on imaging discoveries exclusively.

Middle endurance

Middle generally endurance is of the request for around 16 months 8. The breakdown by essential tumor area is as per the following 8:

  • gastric: 11 months
  • colorectal: 21.5 months
  • bosom: 31 months
  • other (addendum, gallbladder, small digestive system, obscure): 19.5 months
  • Related variables for helpless forecast and indicators of troublesome result incorporate 8:
  • univariate investigation
  • coordinated metastasis
  • no chemotherapy
  • ovarian metastasis past the pelvis
  • multivariate investigation
  • coordinated metastasis
  • pelvic intrusion
  • ascites

Krukenberg tumor is an uncommon metastatic ovarian carcinoma happening in females <40 years old. The stomach is the most widely recognized essential site followed by the colon.

These tumors spread by lymphatic course and are analyzed histologically. Treatment and prognostic components are not grounded. This examination portrays a 36-year-old female analyzed histologically as Krukenberg tumor of the ovary with essential colonic carcinoma.

The treatment system is disputable in the Krukenberg tumor. The writing audit demonstrated that careful resection and forcefully focused on chemotherapy have a superior result, as for our situation.


The anticipation is poor, and the vast majority of the patients kick the bucket within 2 years.CA 125 levels are additionally considered as a prognostic marker yet to be set up.

Subsequently, early identification of ovarian metastasis and checking serum CA 125 levels are helpful for the patient’s result.

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