Glomerulonephritis : causes and symptoms

Glomerulonephritis this term is usually used to characterize many kidney disorders. It is also called glomerulus nephritis inflammatory disorder. 

Glomerulonephritis might be occurred on its own or maybe by another disease, like lupus or diabetes. Serious or extended irritation interrelated with glomerulonephritis can damage our kidneys. The cure should be determined by the conditions of glomerulonephritis.

Indications and symbol of this disease

Its indications are be influenced by the entity and intensity of disease or its cause the early indicatory sign of glomerulonephritis it may become from or maybe the result of daily urinalysis. 

There are some symptoms and signs of this disease are presents:

  • Sometimes it may be cola-colored or sometimes it has pink-colored urine released from erythrocytes  RBCs  in the urine which Is known as  (hematuria)
  • It may occur Due to excess protein foamy urine produced which is called (proteinuria)
  • It has another cause which is high blood pressure which is also  known as  (hypertension)
  • Retention of fluid also known as (edema) in which swelling occurs in the patient’s face in his hand’s feet and in their abdomen part too.
  • It also occurs due to fatigue
  • It also involves darkness of urine
  • Due to exhaustion nausea and oliguria
  • Severe headaches also cause this disease
  • It may also occur due to pain in the kidney ur distributed vision


There are some major problems of this disease that may be acute or can be chronic. How glomerular diseases start? We should be recognized these diseases that which components affected the walls of the capillary of glomerular.

Acute disease:

Which types is occur suddenly it may be called acute. It may be caused after an infection on skin and inhuman throat sometimes it may get better on its own but sometimes the kidney may end to doing function except the handling is started hurriedly there are some signs of acute disease are present

  • The haughtiness of the human face at the starting of the day
  • Body fluid is released from discharge fluid or also cause liver disease
  • Urine released a smaller amount than normal

Chronic disease:

The chronic disease can be developed silently or over time. It may be lead to kidney failure completely. The early symptoms and signs are present here.

  • The presence of protein and blood in urine known as hematuria or proteinuria
  •  It may due to high blood pressure
  • It may also include enlargement of human ankles or human’s face (edema)
  • Or due to everyday retention of urine in the night time
  • Formation of foamy urine or very bubbly urine

Kidney failure symptoms are included:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Due to lack nor appetite
  • Due to tiredness
  • Due to itchy
  • Skin and dry skin
  • Due to muscle cramps in the night time
  • Due to feeling difficulty in sleeping

Some causes acute glomerulonephritis

This serious illness might be occurred due to the impurities like strep esophagus this may occurred too due to illness which is included good pasture syndrome, lupus, polyartries, wegener’s disease. To prevent kidney failure primary analysis and swift cure are essential.

Causes of  chronic glomerulonephritis

This disease mostly runs in families. This disease show in tiny age which can also possess blindness or have hearing loss or the patient will be called  deaf. It may be caused by changing in natural defenses but there are countless reasons are unknown. Sometimes a human will have one acute attack of this disease and may cultivate the prolonged arrangement after year after..

There are many causes present which may clue to the disease glomerulonephritis. This disease sometimes remains unknown.  Here some conditions are present which can clue to inflammation or swelling of the kidney’s nephron  which contains further


  • Post-streptococcal kidney disease: kidney disease can be mature for 7 days or maybe for 14 days after retrieval from a strep gullet contamination or rarely or when a human has a acute skin infection known as  (impetigo). To oppose the infection our body must excretes some extra antibodies which in the end can be resolve in the nephron producing swelling .

Mostly babies are additional probable  to mature the post-streptococcal disease of kidney  instead of grownups, and they are too more likely to recover fastly or more quickly than adults .

Bacterial endocarditis

  • Now and then Bacteria can feast done our blood and section in our heart, which leads to an contamination of one or more of our heart regulators. If We have a sentiment defect then we are at greater risk of such conditions , which is likely as damaged and artificial  valves of heart. Bacterial endocarditis are concern with kidney disease mostly, then in both cases connection between both of this  remain unclear.
  • Virus-related infections.
  • Pathological infections which is known as  the humanoid immune deficiency virus and can be writtens(HIV),or hepatitis B is a severe infection or  hepatitis C can leads to glomerulonephritis disease.

Syndrome of the glomerular basement membrane

  • It is an uncommon immunological lung disorder disease that can lead to mimic    Goodpasture’s syndrome also called as anti-glomerular membrane basement disease in which it is attacked by antibodies and attacks the lungs or kidney and also causes the bleeding in our lungs or from kidneys failure glomerulonephritis. Fatigue is also the initial symptom of fatigue it may also lead to severe problems if it is not diagnosis or treated early.

Cocaine is a drug and its continuous use may cause goodpasture’s disease.

Due to the tobacco or use smoking frequently cause this syndrome

Hydrocarbons also cause this syndrome.

Mostly the people of 20 – 30 age are affected.

When this syndrome effect the kidney it may be includes the formation of foamy urine and the hands legs feet become swelled.


Vasculitis means that inflammation or swelling in the blood vessels. It occurs when the the blood vessels attacked by immune system mistakenly. It may be occurred by any infection, a medicine, or may be by another disease. But yet this disease is unknown.    Arteries, veins and capillaries of the human body may be effected by this disease .

  • This is the form of vacuities that effects on  minor and moderate blood basins in various parts of human  physique like human heart, kidneys and guts. it is a infrequent ailment that consequences from blood vessels inflammation that producing damage to structure system of the human body.

Granulomatosis with polyangitis. This is the form of vasculitis, that is generally  known as blood bowls illness  name as granulomatosis.  It is an unusual syndrome that reasons swelling of the blood pots in nose sinuses & throat lungs or the kidney

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