Esophageal candidiasis | The esophageal thrush

Esophageal candidiasis is a disease of the esophageal canal or esophagus. In medical term, it is commonly called esophageal thrush by doctors. In this disease, the sores or some small cuts are produced in the walls or lining of the esophagus.

Mostly this disease means esophageal candidiasis is commonly caused by a special family of the fungi. It is estimated that this family of the fungi have almost or approximately twenty species. These all species can cause this disease and produce sores in the lining of the esophagus.

  It is predicted that this disease is mostly caused by a fungi candida named Albicans. These fungi are mostly present on our skin and also may be in our inner bodies. Our immune system deals with the microorganisms which are present in our body.

These organisms may be good or bad for our health. So we can say that this disease mostly occurs in people who have a feeble or weak immune system. These people are who may be having AIDS or HIV infection. The people who have passed from chemotherapy can also result in this disease.

            It is estimated that 20 ℅  those people who have cancer in their body have this esophageal Candidiasis. As well as the patients of diabetes also having a chance of suffering from this disease.

Its reason is that the patients of diabetes have an uncontrolled level of sugar in their body.

So they have a high sugar level in their saliva also, the high level of sugar in saliva promotes the fungus and yeast which causes the esophageal thrush.

A newborn baby can be affected by this disease during the time of delivery. it occurs only when their mother also having the fungus or yeast which can cause the esophagus candidiasis. This fungus or yeast is transferred into the body of the newborn baby and causes the disease.

These infections also can be passed through the nipple from the body of the mother into the body of the child during Breastfeeding. Some other types of thrush produced in the body are like oral Thrush in the mouth of the children and vaginal thrush which is caused by a yeast.

The fungus and the yeast which causes this disease is mostly found in those parts of the body which have high temperature, areas and as well as moist parts of the body.

Esophageal candidiasis is less occurring thrush than that of others, So it is less common. you have good health and the best hygienic conditions than you have less chance of suffering from this disease.

Risk factors

1-          The first one factor which causes the Esophageal candidiasis is smoking. A smoker has more chance to suffer from this disease as compared to a nonsmoker person.

Cigarette has many harmful chemicals which can cause Esophageal candidiasis and other digestive tract diseases.

2-          The people who use dental plates or artificial dentures have a high risk of suffering from this disease. the reason is that  in these dental plates some of the food particles remain in it which causes a helpful environment for the growth of fungus and yeast which causes the Esophageal candidiasis.

3-          Overuse of different types of medications can cause this disease. Especially when a person overuses a different type of antibiotic which results in esophageal candidiasis.

4-          Taking different types of fast foods regularly as well as eating food that has a high amount of sugar can also increase the risk of this disease.

5-          If a person is suffering from asthma and uses the different types of inhalers such as the steroid inhaler, using these inhalers increases the risk of esophageal candidiasis.

6-          If a person has a chronic disease such as cancer, AIDS and diabetes, etc.These diseases increase the chances of esophageal candidiasis.

Symptoms of Esophageal candidiasis

1-          The first symptom of this disease is that a person has difficulty and s painful condition during the intake or swallowing of food.

2-          The other symptom of this disease is that the patient’s mouth becomes dry and the amount of saliva decreases.

3-          Sudden weight loss is another symptom of esophageal candidiasis.

4-          The pain in the lining of the digestive tract and as well as in the chest is the symptom of esophageal candidiasis.

5-          Emesis or vomiting is also the symptom of the Esophageal candidiasis.

6-          If the Esophageal candidiasis becomes more chronic than it results in bleeding also.

7-          Change in taste is also another symptom of this disease.

8-          The person suffering from the Esophageal candidiasis can face the fever during this disease. Chest burning is also a symptom of this disease.

9-          Acid ebb is also included in the symptom of this disease.

Diagnosis of Esophageal candidiasis

The technique which is used for the diagnosis of this disease by doctors is endoscopy.


 An endoscope is used for this purpose. An endoscope is a tube like a moveable device it has a light on the other end. The endoscope is entered into the digestive tract. Now, this endoscope gives the picture of the internal surface of the digestive tract on the screen where the endoscope is connected. Now by with the help of this picture doctor diagnose of the patient and the treatment.

Treatment options

The treatment is started after the diagnosis of esophageal candidiasis. The treatment of the Esophageal Candidiasis is depends upon the condition of the disease. If the thrush is in serious condition than the treatment is prescribed by the doctor more carefully. In most cases, the set of antifungal medicines are prescribed by doctors. These antifungal medicines are mostly in the form of pills.

 The antifungal drug which is commonly used for the Esophageal thrush is fluconazole.If your disease is chronic then other medicines are used for the treatment. These drugs may be amphotericin B. as well as voriconazole and Itraconazole.

The duration of this treatment is may be from 14 days to 21 days. In some cases first of all the treatment of 21 days is prescribed by the doctor and after recovery, another treatment of 14 days is also given to the patient.

Home remedies and prevention of Esophageal candidiasis

1-      Avoid smoking because it causes different types of diseases which include the Esophageal candidiasis.

2-      Do not overuse sugary and fast foods.

3-       Always Use the pure and clean water.

4-      Try to use the probiotics food which includes the yogurt and the cheese. These foods act as antifungal and antibacterial.

5-      Regularly brush your teeth because the hygienic condition of the mouth decreases the chance of this disease.

6-      Try to take vitamin-rich and probiotic-rich food such as soft foods and herbal foods. It prevents you from the Esophageal Candidiasis.

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