Degenerative disorder | malfunction of body organs

A degenerative disorder is a form of medicinal state so as to reasons tissue and limb turn out to be inferior in excess.

Why degenerative disease occurs

It is due to the loss of proper function of the nervous system. In which the central nervous system unable to coordinate with other systems of the body. when nerve impulse disturbs and the proper depolarization will not occur so that body normal function becomes reduces and due to lack of this coordination leads to this disorder.

Examples of  degenerative disease

There are various varieties of the degenerative disease the most important are 

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

Alzheimer disorder

This is a disorder of the nervous system in which the nervous system loss its function gradually and ultimately a person unable to perform even simple tasks of daily life. The majority of people suffering from Alzheimer’s are usually aged 65 or older. Alzheimer’s worsens over time. 

List of symptoms of Alzheimer disorder

  • Memory loss gradually
  • The patient can not learn new things of daily life.
  • Logical thinking become low
  • Shortened attention span.
  • Adjustment in a new situation is quite difficult.
  • Always remains in confusion
  • The patient feels difficulty in speaking, listening reading, and writing


Cancer is a type of abnormality in which abnormal cell division becomes occurs in the body. It can be localized or can be moving from one part of the body to another. Because cancer occurs in body tissues so according to the type of organ disturb, the name is given., i.e., lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer.

Causes of  cancer

  • Carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals)
  • Spontaneous change of DNA during cell division
  • Low wavelength Radiation that damage the DNA
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Attacks of virus

Symptoms of cancer

Some important symptoms of cancer are below

  • Bloody urine
  • Bloody feces
  • Glands become inflamed
  • mole and warts become occur
  • Bleed from vagina
  • Weight becomes loss 
  • Uncomfort in the cancerous local area
  • Feel difficulty in injection

How to treat a degenerative disease

  • Medications
  • Steroids 
  • Pin killer
  • Physical therapy
  • Special exercises
  • Surgery
  • Local anesthesia

The health center contains a lot of tackle relative to treating most cancers. 

  • Surgery is the main process to cure cancer. When the tumor spreads more to other parts then it will be rarely controlled by surgery. Mastectomy surgery used for breast cancer. The aim of surgery to remove the tumor or either or the entire organ.
  • Chemotherapy is the second treatment of cancer. In this process, anticancer drugs are involved. These anti-cancer drugs are used to destroy the cancer cells. Catoptrics drugs are used which control the dividing cells of cancer. Chemotherapy not only destroys the cancer cells but it also harms the healthy tissues but after Chemotherapy, the healthy tissues will be recovered or newly grown.
  •     Radiation therapy Emission remedy brings into play driven force beam,
  •     Immunotherapy also referred to as biological therapy, utilizes body Protected device to combat disease.
  •     Hormone therapy is also an option to treat a degenerative type of diseases. 


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