Cryptococcosis | A pulmonary infection

Cryptococcosis is a pulmonary infection occurs due to inhaling contaminated soil with encapsulated yeast Cryptococcosis gattii or Cryptococcus neoformans. These were full at an earlier time or formerly to think to be subspecies of Crytococcosis neoformans but now a days having the identity known or established the identity known as a distinct species.

Crytococcosis is thought that to be gotten through environmental forces by inhaling of the infection propagule is well known the champions hypothesis is sexual or asexual reproduction and basidiospore cause that disease .

These disease also called a fungus disease which is presented in different areas of the world. It is also present in humans and presented in other different animals like cats and dogs also affected their immune systems and CNS.


Cryptococcosis is the most well-known as AIDS defining illnesses in Africa and that’s second is a defining opportunistic infection for AIDS. The other cause that’s pose and most importantly produced risks including like that lymphocyte the best example of that is Hodgkin s lymphocytes the other is that cirrhosis and other third ones are sarcoidosis and patience will remain for a long time corticosteroid therapy division of worldwide at the soil.

It is identified in the world about 20 years ago which was well famous, there are three types of infection which are giving below. these subjects are well-known which is that opportunistic by one.

It is produced by Cryptococcal meningitis in the patient’s body.

It is produced by the pulmonary Cryptococcosis in the nodes of patients.

The other third one is produced by the wound or cutaneous infections in the immune competencies people who were fully functioning immune system but Cryptococcus neoformans v,Grubbs generally only one disease caused by the clinically evident with infections in these effective people with some structure de factoring disease order in their immune systems.

Cryptococcal meningitis is the tissue brain of the coverings is through to be ended from either observation .unseen in the immune competencies that is a disease is presented 55 percent in the lower and middle areas of the region’s and it is also present about 70 percent in the subject Saharan Africa.

Affected people of AIDS. They will all be dead within three months. These may be due to a rare exposure and high pathogenicity to the specific requirements organisms due to unrecognizable isolated defections in the immunity of that species.


There are the flowing diagnosis characters that are presented in effective patience of that disease which is given below one by one in the list from.

1=blood cultures may be positive in high infection in the India ink of the CSF is a traditional microscope method of that disease.

2=It is also diagnosed that the patient with that Cryptococcosis infectious disease has a dry cough.

3= It is also a diagnosis of the patient with that Cryptococcosis infectious disease having fatigue in bodies.

3= It is also diagnosed with the patience with that Cryptococcosis infectious disease having high fever.that are related diagnoses that are produced in the patience’s bodies.

4= It is also that Cryptococcosis patience with that  Will is having homophobia and blurred vision.

5= It is also a diagnosis of the patient with that Cryptococcosis infectious disease having high server headaches.

6= It is also diagnosed that Cryptococcosis infectious disease having high mental status changes and to changes into confusion condition.that That are harmful for the patience to and it immune system.

It is also a diagnosis of Cryptococcosis infectious disease having high mental illness due to having seizures.

It is also diagnosed in cats and dogs animals.


1=AmphotericinB + fluctuation induction .

2=glucosamine  maintenance

Fluconazole extra CNS infections

Roles of immune reconstitution beneficial clearance prevention of the infection degeneration IRIS IMMUNE reconstitution inflammatory syndrome.

We can control the Cryptococcosis to use antifungal agents that are required for the treatment of that disease Cryptococcosis. The people which are affected by that disease Cryptococcosis their immune systems also become very week.

They can not be defending their immune systems which are very harmful to their patients. There is no instrument that is measured in the acquired state of Cryptococcosis disease.

It can affect many people whose are lived in different areas of the world which effective from that Cryptococcosis infectious disease.therefore the patience death rate which are effective that Cryptococcosis fungal disease increase due to that reason.because effective person’s Will died within the 3 months of the fungus disease.


The fungus which produced that disease is presented in the pigeon drops of blood which are effective for patients.It can be controlled before dropping the blood to be reduced to become at the stages of the likelihood of fungus inflammation.

Pathology and immune system response

It is involved in the flowing ways which are given below step by step.

Cryptococcosis  is effective cells macrophages basically effector cells which are effective by the Cryptococcal germs

Cryptococcosis of the patience with effective for that disease Cryptococcosis phagocytosed leads to the state of the position of (AB, and complement

It can affect the th1 cytokines which are included in the IFN_Y and also have an effective T helper.

It can produce a response about TB to similar.which are a granulomatous  response

A bad condition of the condition is HIV+ CD4<100 disseminated in the effective infection.

The good position of the Cryptococcal infections is intracellular.



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