Chlamydia | Sexually transmitting bacterial infection

Chlamydia is basically a parasitic bacterium that is so small as that of a virus. It also required the biochemical mechanism for its reproduction. Bacteria of this type may cause the diseases that may be specific and also nonspecific.

Actually, this type of disease has no symptoms, if this may develop then it requires several days.

While in the case of women it may be the cause of the flaring of urination and also may be in vaginal discharge.

While in the case of man it also includes flaring of urination and also discharges from the penis.

While in women it extends to the upper tract (genitival) and causes a certain type of disease like that pelvic inflammatory disease which may be the result of infertility.

While in the case of eyes, without treatment it may also cause a certain type of disease like blindness. It also happens in rich countries.

  •   This disease may also spread during the sex process and the sex may include the vaginal anal and maybe include oral sex.
  •   It may also pass from mother to infant during birth.

While this type of disease happens only in humans this type of disease can be treated with antibiotics.

In women, during pregnancy period doctors may be advised to take the antibiotic.

It is basically a sexually familial disease while in the whole world it may also infect the women and also men but its percentage in women is more than in men. Their infections also occur in between the age of fifteen years to twenty-five. This type of infection may also cause a number of deaths.

Morphological forms

One is an elementary body and the other is a reticulate body.

Elementary body

  1. Size is small
  2. Non- replicating
  3. It may be infectious
  4. It is also not active metabolically
  5. it’s also infectious
  6. They are extracellular

Reticulate bodies

  1.   It’s size is larger
  2.   Reticulated bodies have intracellular and also fragile membranes.
  3.   Reticulate bodies are metabolically active and also replicating but it’s not infectious


There are following symptoms that happen in men and women. It may include the following.

Symptoms in Men

  • burns in the lower part of the abdomen.
  • It may also cause difficulty in the urination process.
  • the burn /pain in the testicles.
  • It may also cause yellow or green /discharge released from the penis.
  • In the anus which may also cause the bleeding from this part.
  • Its symptoms may also include the tickle in the throat and also include fever. It’s also possible to contain bacteria in the gullet.

Symptoms in women

There are the following symptoms including in the women of this type of disease.

  • It may also cause bleeding between the periods.
  • It can cause a burning sensation or may be difficult in the urination process.
  • It may also cause swelling of the cervix.
  • Sometimes, it also happens in the fallopian tube which may also cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

There are the following symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

  •   It also causes fever.
  •   It also causes pelvic pain.
  •   It also causes bleeding between the periods.
  •   In men fifty percent of the cases it shows the swelling of the urethra. Their symptoms like difficulty in urination are a major problem. If it is not treated well then it spreads to testicles. while in certain cases it causes sterility. While in women which is basically a sexually transmitted disease which has no symptoms.
  •   About fifty to seventy percent of women are infected by it.
  •   About seventy to eighty percent no symptoms to be shown.

These types of diseases also occur in the joints. It’s also occurring in both types of sexes and it’s also more common in men. In some cases, five thousand people are also affected by it.

             Basically, this type of disease occurs in the anus and also in the throat. It usually occurs in the eyes which may be directly or may be indirect. Basically, this disease spreads or moves from the genetic area to the eye. Basically, in eyes, it can also be called conjunctivitis

There are following symptoms of the eye that occur in the Chlamydia infection.

  • Blush
  • Inflammation
  • Eager
  • Annoyance

Causes of Chlamydia

There are the following causes of Chlamydia infectivity.

  1. one of the major causes of this disease is that get in touch with the genitals collectively may also transfer the bacteria and also in anal sex it can also be stipulated.
  2. This type of disease not only occurs in the throat /joints but it also happens in the eyes which may also cause blindness.

Treatment of Chlamydia

The treatment of this type of disease is so simple it is also treated with antibiotics.

Some antibiotics that are usually advised by doctors are a single dose and a very lengthy dose. For example

  •   Azithromycin

While there are also another antibiotic that is usually advised by the doctor to take a dose per week in two day

For example


There are following ways of prevention of this type of the disease.

It is usually said that using the condom during sexual interaction may avoid this type of disease. While it is not allow the oral sex which may also cause the blindness but this mechanism is still not correctly done. Safe sexes protect everyone from this type of disease.


This type of disease is curable in both sexes either male or female but if it is left untreated then it causes certain pain. It is the most common disease but in many cases, people don’t realize it. It’s also caused by a certain type of bacteria. The women that are sexually active it’s most disposed of.

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