Auxiliary nerve Injury | dislocation of joints

Auxiliary nerve Injury is a type of injury takes place due to who dislocation of a joint example shoulder dislocation the shoulder or other joint can be e dislocated due to an accident when the bones have dislocated the nerve connected to the bones are damaged auxiliary nerve injury take place take place during this location of the shoulder joint.

During this injury, the shoulder fails to perform its movement because the nerve impulse or flex cannot reach the muscles and nerve n mononeuropathy only one nerve s damaged shoulder nerve injury s a common example of auxiliary nerve injury when the shoulder s treated during the surgery the auxiliary nerve injury becomes vulnerable to damage disability s caused by this type of injury


A shoulder becomes difficult to move when collagen tissue fiber becomes stiff and hard or its connective tissues like tendon ligament become hard and stiff. A shoulder become out and apart f the humorous ball come out of the shoulder socket. The shoulder moves n a wide-angle and n a variable manner. f the shoulder s injured or dislocated t cause very pain disquiet during the movement and unable to move.

Anatomy of the shoulder.

Shoulder joint s kind of ball and socket joint consists of 3 primary bones having a different function. These are following bones

Humorous s long and called arm bone. At the terminal of the shoulder blade or scapula present a collar bone. The scapula s covered with a monastic cloak which s short A sheet of flexible connective tissue provide cushioning to all the three bones these tissues perform the same protection function n larynx and the trachea respiratory channel.

Some time shoulder s damaged due to greatly and continuously use and sometimes due to the damage to nerve present n the spinal cord connecting the shoulder bones can cause non-sensory immobility and pang. Shoulder joint s very complicated and biggest joint n along with other joints n the body. When the large arm bone humours joined and fitted inside scapula the shoulder joint s formed it’s like a socket n which ball s fitted.

There also some more important bones which are:

The scapula protrusion which s bony s called the acromion

At a joint acromioclavicular joint the bone acromion fuse with the bone called the clavicle

Another hook-like protrusion of scapula s called the coracoids

Some important structure of shoulder joint

The shoulder joint s surrounded by several tendon and muscles and nerve tissues cluster call humours stuff. its primary function s provide support aid and wide-angled movement

The end of humorous which s fitted inside the joints surrounded by a cuff of cartilage tissues called the labarum.

The shoulder joint s not fitted so tight providing a wide-angle movement but this s also make the joint susceptible to damage or injury.

Shoulder muscles and nerve: The 3 main bones of the joints attached to approximately 8 muscles and nerve. The shape and outer and inner lining of the joints made up of these muscles and nerve. These muscles and nerve provide different function like wide-angle movement, protection, and shape balance.

The largest muscles and nerve present inside the shoulder joint s called the deltoid. It s triangular n shape t runs along the joint and make its shape round. t produce compression from two sites above the shoulder n the direction of the clavicle and seconds from behind the shoulder joint opposite to scapula.

This muscles and nerve s also connect at the centre of the large bone humorous stretching down Different muscles and nerve have a different function, for example, to lift the arm upward and helping n the contractions and relaxation of pectoral muscles and nerve present n the chest. This large muscle helps n lifting heavy objects and preventing the dislocation of the joint by holding firmly.

Some other muscles which also take part n the motions of the shoulder are:

The arm s raised and pulls down with help of the infraspinatus muscle cup. The arm s straightened with the hello of triceps present at the lower side of the arm The arm a pulled from the armpit toward the clavicle bone and lower across the fan-like pectoral Muscles and nerve called pectorals major. This muscle s also connected with the breast bone called the sternum. Some muscles and nerve arise from the upper ribs and attached to the shoulder joint called pectorals minor.

The rotation of the upper arm s carried by the help of tares major muscles and nerve. The muscles and nerve present on the upper area of the humours are called biceps they flex the muscles and nerve to bend with the cooperation with the triceps by negative feedback contraction and relaxation with triceps. The arm s moved close and away from the body also rotated with the help of latissimus dorsa muscles and nerve.

The humorous s rotated with the help of subscapularis the large muscle having triangular shape located at the end of humorous connected to the clavicle. The arm s moved away from the body with the help of supraspinatus. The rotator cuff s composed of 4 muscles and nerve which are tare minor, subscapularis, supraspinatus and infraspinatus. This cuff holds the humours inside the socket joint and balance and maintains its shape and help n the movement. this group of muscles and nerve are used to lift heavy objects and cause Wide Angle moments shoulder bones must be n alignment to do search function f f any change n the alignment occur by lifting overload the joint cause pain the joint injury can also be done falling from t stretching and bending of the joint this cause pain and swelling on the joint and cause mobile of the joint

What s a Dislocation?

Moving apart the bones forming the jaw joint is the irregular alignment of these bones s called this location sometime bones did not dislocated completely but slightly move from its position which s called shifting or sublimation these bones can be moved its original position by it’s on or some therapy f not present on its perfect alignment they cause severe pain the broken bone also cause the same effect so it is difficult to diagnose whether the injury is this located or broken bone sometimes in a severe accident.

Both the dislocate injury and broken bone injury occur requiring intense medical supervision and treatment bleeding can also occur inside the joint causing the injury more complex swelling can also occur during dislocation of joint some nerve can be stretched and damaged in this case the pain continue to happen until the joint bones come into perfect alignment on its original position and the nerve


Causes of Auxiliary nerve Injury

The shoulder pain can be caused due to different conditions which cause the problem with the joint shape and structure and ultimately its function osteoarthritis the bones are covered with a smooth and flexible sheet of cartilage tissues which provide questioning and protection against the injury they are present around all the joint where two bones made osteoarthritis the bones are covered with a smooth and flexible sheet of cartilage tissues which provide protection their present on the junction where two bones meet each other when the cartilage is in good condition it helps in a smooth motion of the joint with time these cartilage tissues become less flexible or damaged by an N injury leads to osteoarthritis development

 Swelling off-shoulder capsule

 The membrane covering the joint cards novel membrane sometimes swells up buy different condition call synovitis if the whole shoulder capsule swells up or becomes enlarge and tight this condition is called frozen shoulder causing immobility of the joint or the arm the shoulder to become immobile or frozen due to injury surgery or unknown cause Inflamed bursa.

Inflamed bursa

It is sac covering the joint filled with fluid which reduces the friction between the bones muscles and nerve and other structure of the joint if the moment is done continuously these cushions can be damaged causing the pain and immobility

 Injuries and sprains

The joint pain can also be due to the damage to the ligament issues ligaments join the two bones at the joint providing stability and keeping the balance during the movement any damage to these ligaments can cause pain which cannot be drying pain can also be due to the dammit to the ligament issues ligament join the two bones at the joint providing stability and keeping the bones in balance during the moment any damage to these ligaments cause the pain which can retain for some time or short time ultimately the bones at the joint cannot be attached causing the dislocation completely the humorous comes out of the socket.

This occur due to continuously moment for a long period for example during cricket throwing the Baal continuously Ek Bar shoulder joint is hit the membrane covering the joint filled with fluid can also be damage-causing joint apart or dislocate this type of problem 0ccur in the footballers take the hits on the shoulder from other players during the play causing the damage to the number of muscles and nerve and tendons which are responsible for holding the joint in place and proper moment of the joint

Symptoms of Auxiliary nerve Injury

The shoulder pain cause different symptoms this pain starts from the upper side of the joint and runs into Deep of the  type of injury can be designated and described concerning its symptoms and location and related to structures causing the pain sometimes it is difficult to move the joint the shoulder and feels pain during the moment or feeling pain in the whole arm during joint is dislocated during the moment.

The patient feels the sleeping out the humorous from the socket of the  shoulder feeling pain sensation like needles for burning pain symptoms are related with the nerves of the clavicle and the shoulder the difficulty in the movement of the shoulder is due to the pain when the nerve damage the arm cannot be lifted correct way

  •         Pain
  •         Immobility
  •         Slipering sensation of humorous from the socket
  •         Pine needle sensation
  •         Nerve damage

Diagnoses of auxiliary

Diagnose auxiliary is treated with the therapist orthopaedics and another medical worker which are trained to investigate the cause of injury and the cure of the pain diagnoses is done by a different procedure first, the doctor asks around the patient including potential how the patient got injured analyzing the severity of the injury and the type of injury making the first step toward the diagnose of the injury. The examination is done in different ways they can be a physical examination or conducting differ medical  examination using ultrasound or x-rays to locate the fracture or dislocation of joint or any damage to the nerve

Physical Examination

During the physical examination, the doctor asks questions and gathers the initial information about the injury which lead to the primary cause of injury the doctor may also ask for other medical tests if he is not able to diagnose the injury physically. During the physical examination, Doctor examines the part or structure which is not at its proper location it also sees the swelling and where the pain arises from and how much area is affected.


The internal picture of the joint is taken with the help of X-Ray imaging. this image provides knowledge about which joint is dislocated bone is not at its proper position and it does not show the damage to the muscle-tendon cartilage are covering membrane changes in its structure it also provides information about the bone fractures


The damage to soft tissues like muscle-tendon Cockatiel age cannot be e scene with the help of X-Ray whether it is done by ultrasound to investigate inflammation are swelling or any damage to these tissues it also provides information to know the cause of pain whether it is to born cartilage or muscle tissue if the complete diagnosis is to be carried out then both x-ray and ultrasound are managed both these test let us know about the state of the joint bones and its muscles and nerve and tendons

CT scan and MRI Scan

These tests are the secondary test not the primary test to investigate the shoulder pain. when a severe accident occurs and the cause of the pain is not this location rather the fracture in the bone then these tests are carried out concerning these examinations the surgeon the father treatment which is required to cure the injury off the shoulder joint.

Treatments of Auxiliary nerve Injury

The shoulder joint injury is treated in many ways including physiotherapy occupational therapy heat and cold packs and other medication involved surgery


Physiotherapy is the first treatment which is carried out to reduce the pain it consists of stretching our simple exercise to fix the issue weakness and hardness of the tissues like muscles and nerve are cured with these simple set of physiotherapy exercises it also prefers or suggests to reduce the other activities like daily work sport and other such activity which are damaging or can cause any weakness and hardness of the tissues like muscles and nerve are with these simple set of physiotherapy exercises it also prefers or suggests to the other activities like work sport and other such activity which are damaging or can cause any pain to the patient after Physiotherapy exercises and complete cure of the muscles and nerve the patient can do their routine work and sport whenever possible physiotherapy is done in a case related to a sports injury or mild joint injury

Occupational therapy

Shoulder joint injury make the everyday work difficult our difficult to lift something even to work because it also involves the moment of shoulder joint during walking then further treatment is done with occupational therapy this therapy let us know how to do daily work like driving washing dressing clothes are carrying out other activities.  it also gives us the necessary equipment and devices to make it easier to work the routine of daily during the treatment

Heat and cold packs

The temporary relief in the pain at the hardness of the muscle can be reduced with the application of heat and cold packs it makes the circulation of blood more in that area of injury result in the decrease in the pain this procedure is a very cheap and Handy

Medication of Auxiliary nerve Injury

Medication involve using painkiller anti inflammatory e tablets and antibiotic drugs to decrease the pain during medication very low dose of inflammatory recovering drugs are use such as Paracetamol this medication can be use with the consult meet of the doctor if you have any issue such as high blood pressure or other cardiac disorder or disease of kidney this medication should not be used for long period of time at think that 20 are not the permanent solution of the pain you have to use other available treatment option with the advice of your doctor if the pain remain for long period of time after using the primary medication the doctor may advise to take corticosteroid injection it is also important to know that the use of these drug also side effects with your Kidneys and liver are other organs a person can tolerate the side effects of that they can use these drugs to decrease the pain where induction can be used more than one time and degree of the pain during the mobile off shoulder joint doctor may suggest hydro dilation it is injected into the joint it contain salt and steroid in different cases use of hydro dilation is supported by many evidences that it decrease pain and help in movement after this treatment physiotherapy is done which also further more increase immobility and reduce the pain


If the patient shoulder pain did not recover with the previously described treatment then surgery is carried out the treatment the previous treatment including physiotherapy is also necessary before the surgery and after that surgery, the habitation is done with physiotherapy exercises and previously described treatments this is called post-surgery treatments these are good and important after that surgery

Self-management of shoulder pain

Most people are recovered with previously described treatment while some patients require rehabilitation program which helps them to do routine work and moments in this condition the patient has to consult the physiotherapist or other occupational therapist for a post-surgical rehabilitation program


Shoulder joint always use when a single moment is done during daily routine work ok it can be used to pick something moving walking crowing and grab something from the ground these all functions can be performed when the shoulder is in perfect condition how many e numbers of motions the chance of injury is increased shoulder is the most susceptible joint to injury the shoulder is widely used when a person left their hand above the head to work like a painting hanging curtains or electrician making the fan right this problem is furthermore devastating when the motion is repeated several times the repeated motion makes the muscles and nerve hard and tendon and cartilage weak But your shoulder can get hurt in other ways too:

other cause of damage to the shoulder joint

  • Age
  • Osteoarthritis
  • damage to the rotator cuff
  • swallow off cushion pads of the joint
  • Dislocation of bone
  • Frozen or Immobile shoulder


The shoulder problem can be healed without surgery this is a piece of good news but we have to to do our best to avoid to search problem hair I described some of that by which we can prevent the shoulder joint injury

  • Observe your body if your shoulder becomes stiff and feel pain listen to it doesn’t take it easy if the pain persists contact to your doctor.
  • Do not remain in a uncomfortable body posture for a long time.
  • Exercise is a good thing but only if it is done in a better way. Warm-up before starting the exercise it makes the muscle prepared for heavy work out and stretching and bending.

 Daily routine: During the daily routine work you should always keep the following things in mind such as

  • Good body posture
  • You have to learn the right way to lift any even a small weight
  • Take some time during repeated exercises and stretching and bending
  • If you are a computer operator you should make your desk perfectly align for your hands and body position and shoulder


All the above-mentioned treatments precautions preventions therapies exercises will help you to recover if you get hurt your shoulder and some of them listed below

  • Take rest and apply ice to the shoulder after regular interval of a few hours if the pain persists ask your doctor to take other pain killers like Ibuprofen diclofenac sodium and aspirin.
  • If your surgeon doctor suggested you the physical therapy you have to do it daily.
  • Don’t wear tight dresses which limit your shoulder movement you have to keep your arm free.

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