Aspergillosis | A fungal infectious disease

Aspergillosis is an infectious disease of the lungs. The infectious agent is Aspergillus and infects more to people with a low Immune system. Fungs can infect the whole body and also some major organs like the kidney and heart.

World wide annual deaths are 60000 in all around. These fungal live outdoor and maybe indoor diseases of the lung. These are also called disease groups. These are also present in humans, birds, and animals are affected by it.


The Aspergillosis classification are given below,

  1. Invasives
  2. Chronic 

This chronic aspergillosis also contains the pulmonary cavity chronic, lung of fibrosing chronic, lung affected by aspergillosis, sinusitis invasive chronic, and also aspergilloma in maxillary. It’s the kingdom is fungi and its phylum is Ascomycoata, its class is Eurotiomycetes, its order is eurotiates, its family is Trichomacae, its genus is Aspergillus and its species is fumigatus.

There are following types of Aspergillosis:

Some types are given below

  1. Its first type is ABPA
  2. Second one is sinusitis aspergillosis allergic
  3. Third one is Aspergillosis
  4. The Fourth one is Aspergillosis of pulmonary chronic.


They have many symptoms and some symptoms are given below,

  1. A ball of fungus in a chest and can be seen only by the x_ray.
  2. Blood with coughing
  3. Also pain in the chest
  4. It has a fever
  5. During breathing pain of the chest and all difficulty in a breath.
  6. Also presenting of headache
  7. And nose running symptoms of Aspergillosis
  8. The conditions of breathing is shorten
  9. The loss of weight gradually.
  10. the lost one is fatigue.


The same main causes of aspergillosis are given below:

  1. Causes of fungus.
  2. It causes the composting of the piles.
  3. The vegetation decaying by the fungus.
  4. Also grain spring.
  5. Marijuana of leaves.

Treatment of Aspergillosis:

There are many treatments of Aspergillosis:

In which Some are given below

  1. Using of current medication.
  2. Using the debridement and also using of the liposomal
  3. Using the medication duration is 6 to 9 month
  4. Using drugs, like amphotericin and also using the flu cytosine.
  5. Environmental exposure.
  6. Chemotherapy is also a part of the treatment.
  7. Face masking is also present.
  8. Staying away from the grain spray.

Herbal Treatment of Aspergillosis:

The Aspergillosis Have many herbal treatments, in which some are given below

These herbal treatments of Aspergillosis are used at home because these herbal treatments are used at the domestic level, These herbal treatments may be natural or Artificial.

  1. Using of potatoes and bread for the Aspergillosis for treatment at the domestic level
  2. And also using that food which has a high level of starch
  3. Nuts, walnuts, and peanuts for its treatment
  4. And also using the cloves of the Garlic because Cloves are Anti for fungal naturally.
  5. These are used for cleaner of the blood
  6. And using Goldenseal. The goldenseal is used for burns and cutting promoting traditionally
  7. And also oil of the olive and leaf olive using
  8. Using the oil of coconut

Risk factors in Aspergillosis:

These risk factors are depending on all the health conditions and some risking factors are given below

  1. Low level of WBC

Those people have low white blood cells level which have already chemotherapy and also transplantation of organ discarding that affecting the system of immune cells.

  1. Weak system of immune:

Some people using the drugs for suppressing the immune during, after surgery or transplant, or those who have blood cancers also have a risk factor of Aspergillosis.

  1. Cavities of lungs:

Presenting of the air gap in the cavities of the lungs, These people have a high risking factor, for the development of Aspergillosis

  1. Cystic fibrosis or Asthma

The people which have problems with the lungs and control hard and also have Asthma problems. These are high risking for the Aspergillosis

  1. Systemic infectious

The highest risk factor is the spread of infection throughout the body and especially in the brain and heart. Aspergillosis invasive spreading is fatal or may be rapid.

These five are high risking factors that are helping in the development of the Aspergillosis disease group.

Aspergillosis disease in the Birds:

The birds also have many diseases. But Aspergillosis is the most common infection in birds. Because aspergillosis is a group of diseases. And these are fungal diseases or infections in the birds. Aspergillosis has many causes in birds like they have low levels of humidity and the environment may be dusty and also the secretion of mucus in birds. The fungi have spores for the exposure of birds. These diseases are developing in these conditions when illness can be suppressed. The system of immune, also stressing and malnutrition, induced. The Aspergillosis is seen frequently in the birds by stressing the changing environment, and also shipping and capture.

How can I prevent Aspergillosis?

It is tough to avoid breathing with Aspergillosis.there are common spores and fungi in an environment.

People with weak immune systems face difficulties.

Some major points are given below

  • Protect the self from the environment
  • Medication about Antifungal
  • Testing the infection early

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