Adenocarcinoma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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Adenocarcinoma is known a cancer that may be present in the glands of the organ`s lining. Cancer is also named carcinoma which is Latin or Greek word for organ and tissue. The cancer word comes from the Latin word for crab and the Greek word which means swelling. Cancer is a disease that stops cell growth.

Cancer is a disease in which cell growth can stop due to any abnormality. The cancer cell is present in different organs of the body. These cells are different from each other and cause disease on different body parts. Cancer that causes more than 100 types of disease that affect the different body parts.

These cancer cells make a solid tumor or flood the blood with an abnormal cell. These cells can affect one part at a time. the major types of cancer are carcinoma, lymphoma, sarcoma, melanoma, and leukemia. There are 200 different types of can start in any body tissue it can affect only one type of tissue in a body, not another tissue.

This disease can spread many parts of the body. Cancer has been studied for the last 50 years to better understand its causes and treatment. Cancer is also a genetic disease that causes many changes in a gene that controls many functions especially grow. Cancer is a disease that can be inherited from parents to the next generation. Many technologies are used to treat cancer.

Cancer can also cause tumors in different body parts.


the clumping of the cell due to neoplastic mass is known as tumor. Tumor is occurred due to an abnormal proliferation of cell in the body. Tumors are two types

1-benign tumor

2-malignant tumor

Benign tumor

Benign tumors are those tumors that grow only in one place. They cannot spread to other parts of the body. This tumor is enclosed with a shell or capsule. This type of tumor can be dangerous if they are present in the present in their original location.

Malignant tumor

This type of tumor is capable of surrounding tissue or present in the entire body.malignant tumors can disrupt the RNA and DNA of any normal cell.

The cancer is divided into many different cells. these types are given below


Carcinoma is a cancer that occurs in the body due to some cells i.e epithelial cells..this carcinoma cancer is a common type. This type of cancer affects the different body parts i.e skin, breast, lung, colon, and pancreas.


This is also a type of cancer that occurs in connective tissue. This type of cancer affects the body i.e., bone, muscle, fat, nerves, etc.

Lymphoma and leukemia

These are the classes that come from hematopoietic which means blood-forming.

Germ cell tumor

This type of cancer also comes from pluripotent cells that are present in the ovary and testicle.


This type of cancer also comes from immature precursor cellucor embryonic tissue.

cancer that may present in the different parts of the body such as lungs, prostate; large intestine, esophagus, pancreas, skin, ovarian, endometrial and breast, etc.

There are three main types of skin cancer

  • basal cell carcinoma
  • malignancy

These three types cause a part that occurs by long term sun exposure.

There are also fewer common types of cancer.

  • skin gland
  • Merkel cell carcinoma
  • Kaposi sarcoma


Adenocarcinoma can be caused by the following factors.

  •     it can be caused by genetically
  •     mostly adenocarcinoma as a syndrome of cancer which can transmit from one generation to other generations.

Cancer risk factor

  •     There are many several factors of risk for cancer including aging, tobacco,poordiet,sun exposure, loose several activities, and weight increases.
  •     Cancer causes can be prevented but some cannot be treated as family history and aging.
  •     Some types of cancer can be treated by quitting smoking.

The general cause of adenocarcinoma:

  •     radiation of sun
  •     excess use of tobacco
  •     mostly caused by viruses

Environmental cause:

there are following environmental causes:

  •     cosmetic can cause adenocarcinoma
  •     radiation from phone towers
  •     it can be caused by hair dyes
  •     excess uses of alcohol
  •     it can be caused by some gases like radon
  •     smoking can cause lungs adenocarcinoma


There are the following symptoms of the adenocarcinoma:

  •     gradually vomiting
  •     fatigue
  •     decrease of red blood cells i.e. anemia
  •      abdominal pain
  •     nausea
  •     loss of weight
  •     lack of appetite
  •     bloating
  •     jaundice
  •     pain in chest
  •     cough
  •     heartbeat
  •     pain or gas in the large intestine
  •     bleeding in rectum
  •     diabetes
  •     painful urination


there is some following method of diagnosis:

  •     It can be diagnosed by biopsy we can obtain information about adenocarcinoma.
  •     It is also diagnosed by a type of x-ray which is known as ct(computed tomography)scan. by using ct, we can get 3d of body growth.
  •     There is another process of diagnosis of adenocarcinoma which is known as MRI.
  •     it also diagnosed by a blood test

Risk factor

The factor which plays a role in increasing the risk of adenocarcinoma includes.

  •     smoking in excess
  •     a high pickled diet
  •     salty food
  •     surgery of stomach for an ulcer
  •     if you do not a smoker but exposed to the smoke of can also risk of adenocarcinoma
  •     if you work on a place where asbestos chromium arsenic and can also enhance the chances of cancer
  •     If the parents have carcinoma, it may be inherited in children.


The treatment of adenocarcinoma depends on the size and location of tumors. There are some following ways of treatment of adenocarcinoma.

  •     chemotherapy:

It is a technique of treatment. The cancerous cells are killed by injection of a needle in the the chemotherapy uses some drugs to kill some cells that present in cancer.

  •     immunotherapy:

This type of therapy is also known as biological this treatment uses your body cells to fight with other cells to treat cancer. This technique of treatment depends upon the type and this type of technique; some medicine is used which helps the immune system to kill cancer. immunotherapy is a technique to help to see your body, some systems used to see cancer and then attack in the other cells.


The ultimate goal of this technique is also used to remove   some extra cells present in the patient’s body.

  •     By removal of tumor:

It is the most common type of In this type of treatment the tumor is surgically removed.

  •     Targeted therapy:

In this type of treatment, some specific medicines are prescribed which kill the targeted cell. targeted drug treatment is used to focus on abnormalities within the cancer present. This therapy is used to allow them to survive.

Bone marrow transplant

A bone marrow transplant is also a treatment used in the own cell by the donor this technique of transplant, a physician uses different meditation techniques to treat cancer. This treatment is also used to replace bone marrow disease.

Hormone therapy

In this therapy cancer body’s hormones can be used.

Examples include skin and pancreatic cancer. removing hormones may affect the cancer cell to stop growing that present in the body.


In this technique of treatment higher wavelength radiation. Radiation therapy uses a high energy beam to kill some cell present in cancer. Radiation is used to break the tumor or to kill the infected cell. This radiation can also damage other cells of the body. Radiation treatment is also done by machines by using outside the body.

The goal of cancer treatment

There are different goals for cancer treatment cure the ultimate goal of treatment to cure cancer to normalize damaged or injured cell to normal life.

Primary treatment

This treatment removes cancer from the body to kill those cells that can cause cancer.

This is the most common treatment for common cancer.

Palliative treatment

Palliative treatment can help to relieve their effects that can be caused by cancer.

To relive the sign and symptoms can treat with surgery, radiation, and also hormone therapy and also used medication for pain and shortness of breath.

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