Acanthamoeba keratitis | Infection of cornea

Acanthamoeba keratitis is an infectious disease in which caused by Acanthamoeba and causes eye damage in humans. Nearly 1.2 – 3 M people are affected by this disease every year.

Acanthamoeba one type of protozoa, and present in water and soil, skin infection are used by it, and also infection of eyes is caused by it, and  CNS are affected by it. The treatments of these diseases are very difficult, with the help of medicine.

These diseases are may be permanent or may be visual,  they may be blindness by the effect of these diseases on the eyes.

These diseases demage the portion of the clear of eyes also may be demage the vision important structure. also, the pain remains in the eyes. The level of vision is affected by this disease. By disease, the chances of loss of the eyes are very high. They may be blindness is permanent.

These are spread gradually in the eyes, the red color is present on the whole eye, and pain is present in the eyes. These are the infectious disease of eyes. These diseases are the protozoic infectious of eyes, these are a live free organism. These diseases have many causes, and symptoms, and also the treatment of this disease is present.

Symptoms of Acanthamoeba keratitis

They have many symptoms which this disease some symptoms of this disease are given below.

  1.       First one symptom is that the level of tearing is excessive,  and light is sensitivity.
  2.       The vision is blurring.
  3.       The pain in eyes.
  4.       The color of the eye is redness.
  5.       The some presenting of the r in our eyes.
  6.       The high headache.
  7.       The pain in eyes during work.
  8.       The vision level of our becomes low gradually.
  9.       Also five during pain.
  10.   The allergic reaction.
  11.   Swelling of eyes.
  12.   Blurring of vision.
  13.   Pain in the face.
  14.   Fever and with a headache.

Causes of Acanthamoeba keratitis

   The acanthamoeba has many causes some are important causes, some cause of its are given below.

  •       Microscopic ameba which is living free. These are also causing the infection.
  •       These are also causing by the acanthamoeba.
  •       The outer cover of eyes by it.
  •       The dust particles come in the eyes these are also caused by these diseases.
  •       The high speer air affected the eyes.
  •       Smog is causing this disease.
  •       The presence of a small animal that comes through the air in the eye .
  •       Do not use of glasses during driving.
  •       The do not use lenses during swimming.
  •   The water of poison plants.
  •   Using the high level of light during night time.
  •   Other infections on the face are also caused by this disease keratitis.

Treatments of Acanthamoeba keratitis

They have many treatments of the keratitis, these are ameba infection, these diseases are treated by many process and type,  some treatments of its are the given below.

  •       These are treatment medicine using.
  •       We should discuss it with the doctor.
  •       Different types of medicine are used for the treatments of this disease.
  •       Treatment depends on visual outcomes.
  •       These are also controlled by the trophozoite.
  •       And also control by the inflammatory.

These are also treated by the two main types, which are name and explanation are given below.

  •         The therapy by medical.
  •         Second one is the treatment by surgical.

  Therapy of medical.

Here we treated this disease by the therapy of medical .here many types of medicine are used for this disease, and here also using of drugs for treatments of this disease. These drugs are used for the trophozoite killing and also acanthamoeba form, are killed by it . 

And also using the  PHMB , which is 0.02 percent –0.06 percent in drop form, this drop blast the wall of trophozoite and also using of 0.02 percent –02 percent drop of chlorhexidine.

These showed limiting agents against it. These are low level of the toxicity for the cornea .these are used commonly in AK. During this disease, they have many symptoms of it . Also, pain and low level of visions. The steroids have role limited.

The response of the immune system organist infection. These are also increased the level of trophozoite on eyes.

  Treatments by surgical.

These diseases affected the eye’s cornea, by the medical means medicine we can reduce or treat the effect.  If they are not stoped with the medicine, then we should treat it with the surgical.

With the help of surgical, we can remove the load of organisms. By this process, after maybe the process of medicine may improve the vision of eyes. may be keratoplasty are required for the scarring of the corneal. By surgically we can change the cornea or eyes with the doner.

The restoring of vision may be possible bye surgical. For this, we used the medicine which is anti for the ameba these are used from the start of surgery.

Domestic and Herbal Treatments of Acanthamoeba keratitis

 They have many herbal and domestic treatment of keratitis. These herbal and domestic treatments of keratitis may be naturally and they may be artificially, some herbal and domestic treatments for this disease are given below.

  •         Using the cool water cotton on the eyes.
  •         Using the oil of a specific tree.
  •         And also using the other domestic things for it.


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